Zolo Smart Speaker Lineup - Full Breakdown!

Zolo will be releasing at least four smart speakers in the coming months - two of which will be released this fall.

Here is the lineup:
Zolo Mojo
Zolo Mojo+ (no link yet)
Zolo Halo
Zolo Halo+

Both of the Mojo speakers will have the Google Assistant built in, while the Halo series will feature Alexa.
We know the price of the Zolo Mojo will be $70, however there are no details on pricing for the rest of the lineup just yet.

Who’s excited for the future of the Zolo brand?


These two look VERY similar… :smirk:
And from the way they worded it there may be a 4th smart speaker after this. Where they speak about whole room audio they mention a Halo+. Im very interested to say the least! :grin:


Anker is taking over… one speaker at a time :stuck_out_tongue:

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I wonder if Eufy and Zolo are communicating…



Oooo depending on how well they communicate with one another these would be cool to make a whole room audio experience for movie and gamers. :heart_eyes:

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I’m actually interested in the Mojo with Google Assistant. Hoping they’ll make a Mojo+.

Mojo has just 2 mics and is only $70, so the audio quality is probably going to be sub-par vs Google Home.

Just as I say that, I see Mojo+ mentioned on Zolo’s website! Same relative place as Halo+.

Halo+ doesn’t come until Spring 2018.

all 3 are looking very sleek and ANKER… cant wait for the Halo and Halo+


Sometimes I think Anker is scatterbrained with all these different divisions and one off products that appear and then disappear with little communication to the public or even us insiders and beta testers. We have Anker, Eufy, roav, nebula, zolo. Am I missing any? Is Eufy home products or zolo?
It sometimes feels like ideas are thrown against the wall to see which ones stick. Just an opinion


I agree. Personally, I think all their smart speakers should be under one brand. Not Eufy and Zolo.

What about merging so you can use both Google and Amazon in one product?

I’m kind of excited about the speaker I guess,…

Thanks for letting us know your thoughts! The smart speaker from Eufy and Zolo are all great, they just have different types of characteristics . Zolo smart speaker will more focus on the powerful sound experience, while Eufy smart speaker will more emphasize on voice control and home practical system. So they will meet the different needs of consumers.:blush:

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You should just have one that focuses on both!

The Zolo Mojo appeared on FCC.

Photos https://fccid.io/2AB7K-Z6010/External-Photos/ext-photos-3625967

Zolo Halo on Amazon

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Which is better, Google Assistant or Alexa? Thinking about buying one