Zolo Mojo (with Google Assistant) Review

I don’t know what are Anker’s future plans with this speaker but I wanted to give an update to my previous post regarding denied warranty on free gift items. Also wanted to do a quick review of the replacement speaker.
Long story short… I had 2 free Zolo Halo smart speakers (with Alexa) “one as beta test product and other as a contest prize”. Over time both the speakers developed a weird playing bug. When I checked for warranty replacement, It was denied due to both products being free gifts. Original post link below.

After escalating the issue to higher management. Anker acknowledged that the time and efforts that was invested in testing and reviewing this product should be valued. They didn’t replace both but agreed to replace one with Zolo Mojo (with Google Assistant). I can live with that :grin:
I want to do a quick review and will keep an eye for long term stability of the product.

Product Packaging:
It has a signature Zolo box (white/yellow). Features are highlighted on the front and back of the box.

Inside there is the speakers and a power cable (with barrel connector). Also included are happy/unhappy card, warranty card and user manual.

Speakers are very compact. Specs are below…
Input - 9V, 1.5A
Rated Power Consumption - 5 Watts
Power adapter rating: Input 100-240V, 50-60Hz, Output 9V, 1.5A
Impedance - 4 Ohm
Driver - 1.75"
Frequency response - 60 Hz - 20 kHz
Wifi compatibility - IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/n, 2.4G/5G
Bluetooth ver - 4.2
Bluetooth range - 10 m/ 33 ft
Weight - 312 g / 11 oz

Sound Quality and Connectivity:
These speakers are very easy to connect using Google Home app. Since I already have a few more google home speakers, it was a breeze to set this up. Zolo Play app is not needed for this…(Zolo Halo needs Zolo Play app).
Sound quality is great as always with Anker speakers. Google responds so much better than Alexa.

Speakers have grills all around with a mute botton in the front. At the back there is a bluetooth button and power input connector.
Top of the speaker is touch sensitive. There are 2 microphones on the top. Tapping with pause/play and sliding your finger on top will change volume. All these functions can also be accomplished by asking google assistant…

Long term stability of this speaker is something that I will closely monitor…Anker I’ll be watching you :eye:


Glad you got it worked out


I hope that the Mojo works better for you. I received a Halo from Anker as a Christmas gift in 2017 and enjoyed it. Unfortunately, I started experiencing some different issues than you did. It would disconnect from my Mac (the only thing I ever paired it to) and would not reconnect. Also, the app would not work and it would not let me reset it and set it back up.

Eventually, I started using my Eufy Genie, and a different speaker. Functionally the same, so no harm done.

FWIW I prefer Google Assistant anyway! Enjoy!

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Glad to hear to got it sorted in one way or another :grin:

Good write up on the replacement also :thumbsup:

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I am pretty happy with my 3 Mojo speakers. The only issue I have is that they loose connectivity everyday, so I have to unplug and plug them again at least once a day (the three of them are part of a group and when they loose connectivity they are not able to see each other within the group, so when playing something, just one or two are able to play the current stream until I unplug them).

This is the only issue I can tell from Mojo. From Halo, that’s a different story, I also have 3 of them, as Zolo no longer exists and they are not going to update them to make them compatible with more languages (just American or British English and German), it is not natural for me to ask things to Alexa. And the skills in Spanish are not compatible with Halo, as Spanish is not among its supported languages, even if Alexa is supported… So, I would ask for full language support on the Alexa side…

I was intending to buy another Mojo, but now I can’t find them anywhere… Aliexpress was where I was buying them until now at a discounted price… It’s a pity…

Kind regards :wink:

Great review, I was thinking about getting an alexa, but since ANKER has made a this if I get a smart speaker it will be this one. Always go with ANKER.

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Thanks fore the reivew

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Great review and nice pics :ok_hand: good job!!

Or you can try another Soundcore speakers this year!

@AnkerTechnical Is Anker Soundcore bringing out speakers / headsets with Google Assistant? This would be interesting. :slight_smile:

Also what is the future of Zolo brand.

nice review!

@kumar.sachin Good review, I have one of these and it is working solid!

Sound quality is better than the Google Home Mini in my opinion, and completely agree on the point Google Assistant is better than Alexa - any day, any place!

Just picked up one of these, and I can’t help but wonder why they did not use the standard micro USB for power?


The Zolo Mojo is stuck on the 1.36.146299 Cast version. Are there any plans to update it? I think Google only allowed to update 3rd party devices after a while later the new version was arriving to their own devices, but it has been a loooong time they announced that calls were available for 3rd party devices, but our Zolo Mojo has not been updated for a long, long time. The latest version for the Home Mini is 1.44.184686, so I think they can update to something in between…

Any answer from @AnkerOfficial @AnkerTechnical ?

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A few weeks ago I reached the Zolo Customer Support in order to know if there were going to be more updates to the Zolo Mojo (as it is still sold on Zolo’s website). The answer was that they need the help from Google to do it, and that there are no plans to update our devices. Here is the answer I got:

Dear xxxxxxxx,

Thank you for contacting AnkerDirect and sorry for the late reply due to the weekend.

Per our engineer, the versions you have are the latest ones. We regret that there aren’t any latest ones. As you know, Zolo Mojo is our first attempt to do smart speaker and also it’s our initial cooperation with Google and we need their support. Really sorry for our limitation on this part. We apologize for any and all disappointment.

Zolo Customer Support

So the latest Cast version is still 1.36.146299, and as we can see, no updates will come according to Anker due to Google’s lack of support for them.

@AnkerOfficial @AnkerTechnical @AnkerTechnician