Zolo Liverty+: Earbuds charging and turn on/off issue

Hi there
I am using my Zolo Liberty+ earbuds for about a week now, and still not sure if I love them or I hate them. Seems not only me here having such doubts…

Issues that holds me from loving them:

  • One earbud would not pair to another earbud unless you force it to. It’s just terrible. Even cheap ass BT earbuds that I got from aliexpress have this simple yet very comfy feature - you take them out from the charging case, and they automatically pair to each other! Magic! Why not to have such functionality on a $100++ earbuds? Would be great to hear Zolo’s technicians explanations on why they decided not to do so.

  • After a week of usage the earbudfs just stopped to turn off when I put them back into charging case. I literally have to press and hold the (terrible) buttons on each of them to turn them off, or I can turn off BT on my phone, and wait until they turn off automatically due to inactivity

  • Besides not turning off when put into charging case, they don’t really charge now. Before, when they turned off automatically, I used to see LED light up, showing that they start to charge once you pop them into the charging case. Now they don’t even that the case is fully charged.

I don’t really expect support to give me a detailed reply on these issues, because I see many threads on this forum for different kinds of issues about Liberty+, and no one is getting any solutions provided by support, really.

This post is more for those who is thinking about buying Liberty+ - I’d not recommend to do that. There are much (MUCH!) cheaper model on market, that will get you same sound quality and better comfort of use.

Me personally will probably ditch this earbuds, and return to my $22 noname BT earbuds that tend to deliver less stressful experience in terms of daily usage.

Hi @Artem_Sichkar

You are right. There have been many posts regarding these ear buds but I’m not sure if anyone has specifically asked @AnkerTechnical but they may reply when they see this.

They are on a weeks holiday now to celebrate the Lunar New Year. You could still email service@zoloaudio.com and they should get back to you when they return.


Haven’t had the chance to use mine since Christmas, but I just noticed this same issue today. When I put them in the case and got in the car, the car audio wouldn’t connect because these were keeping my phones bluetooth busy. Going to take @Oggyboy advice and email service@zoloaudio.com for when they get back.

Sounds like a dirty charge connection on the buds or in the case. Try cleaning with a dry q tip.

Mine just began to charge back again. No idea why.

Because the charging tips are spring loaded they may not Aave had a good connection when you put the earbuds back into the case. I generally always push down on them when I out them into the case to make sure the charging light comes on.

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I know this is a couple months old, but I found that this happened after I charged my case the first time. It said it was over halfway charged, as indicated by the lights, but for some reason, when I took them out the next morning, because my phone was apparently connected to them all night despite them being in the case, the battery was drained but the lights still indicated over halfway. Upon plugging the case in again, they’re back to normal, turned off and charging.

It’s always best practice when inserting the earbuds back into the case to push them down and make sure the charging light comes on and stays on

For the friends complaining about charging issue;

I have got the same issue while I was trying the different silicon shells (provided with the product) to get a perfect fit. One of my earbud stopped charging although it was well placed in the charging case. After several efforts I came to know that the charging connectors of the earbud were partially covered with the shell. After a fix it resumed charging again.

For those of you that provided suggestions to this problem…
My right ear bud stopped charging randomly one day. It was not connected to BT or anything. I simply put them both back in their case after using them one day and the Right side bud failed to charge and died while in the case overnight. I have already tried all the suggestions presented from some of you. I cleaned the terminals till they were perfect, I removed the silicon cover/bud, and of course I pushed them down many times and ensured the spring tension behind the terminals were functioning well when I cleaned them. I am 100% sure they are getting a good connection. I also tried charged the case to 100%. Still nothing. Unfortunately with these Zolo wireless buds, you have to be using the right bud in order to use the left bud. (The left connects to the right, and the right connects to the device). So without a functioning Right ear bud, they are completely useless.
Back to the original question of why this has happened… I have never gotten mine wet and I’ve always treated them care.
This product is only a few years old. Zolo Liberty was Zolo’s first wireless bud I believe. I don’t think they quite had the flaws worked out yet. Anyway, I’m going to contact them regarding a replacement. I’ll post and updated reply if things go well. Good luck friends.