Zolo linked wrong address to my email

Hi guys.

I’d just like to let Anker know, and all of you guys about the following.

Anker - you need to supervise Zolo more closely. They are destroying your reputation.

Everyone else - I recently asked them to confirm which physical address they have linked to my email address.
I live in the UK, but they were going to send my Liberty+ to somewhere in Virginia USA.

This is a huge breach in data management and privacy…which means my address is linked to someone elses email and someone else may receive items which I have paid for.

The small amount of trust I had for them (and Anker) has now been crushed to zero…
I hope Anker takes charge of the situation and remediates this ASAP.

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Hi @gseveri07 , have you tried emailing direct to service@zoloaudio.com or calling them on +44 (0) 1604 936 200 Mon-Fri 6AM-11AM (GMT) regarding your issue.

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Hi @ndalby,

I emailed them, it was through their direct response that I found they had assigned a wrong address to my email.

I emailed them requesting them to confirm my address…they replied with the wrong email, plain and simple.

They could not locate my address via my email.

Thank you for their number however, i’ll pop them a call tomorrow morning and attempt to get them to correct my Address ASAP!

Hi @gseveri07, thanks for letting me know your concern. I will pass your issue to Zolo team, they will help you solve it as soon as possible. Please believe that we will let you receive your product successfully. Thanks for your understanding and patient.:innocent:

What assurance of Data Protection do I have from Zolo?
There’s no point you passing this concern onto them, when they are the source of my problems.

Personally I’d like it if Anker took a closer control of the Zolo team to ensure project success.
And I’d like reassurance that my Data hasn’t been breached!

Just as a note, I’m a member of the European Union…which means my data is protected by the GDPR regulation.
If my data has been breached and I haven’t been notified, Zolo could be liable for a fine of 4% their Annual revenue, in order to be allowed to continue trading with EU customers.

Look it up, GDPR.

Hi @gseveri07,

Please believe that customers opinions are very important to us, and we take data security very seriously, so we’ll be in touch to sort this out.:innocent:

Thank you, i’m looking forward to receiving more information.

Completely agree with a breach in data protection there. However GDPR is not enforceable until May next year. We are still in a transitional phase.

No, that’s compliance. Things like data exportability, right to erasure etc…
Fines for data breaches though are already being charged.