Zolo Liberty + won't stay connected

First - I loved them. Sound quality is excellent, but …

Just the other day while out for a run the connection to my phone was lost. I didn’t have the case with me so I couldn’t do a reset. When I got home I did a reset (in and out of the case followed by double press on both sides). They connected so I put them back in the case. This morning I took them out put them in and had to reset. I didn’t get out of the garage before the connection was lost. Did another reset and the same thing. Three times in 10 minutes. A/ny ideas? Firmware update/reload?

Hi @mikele11111 , have you tried a fresh pairing with your BT audio source (phone, iPod etc) and do they have sufficient charge?

If yes to both of these it’s possible there could be an issue with your Zolo’s at which point you would be best contacting service@soundcore.com or support@anker.com


I believe you can still reset them without the case but it requires hard powering them off by holding down the button on each of the buds. Then pressing the button on each to turn it on once it’s off. Sorry that you had this inconvenience. I have noticed my pair cut in and out a few times, but otherwise have had a very pleasant experience. I chalk this up to growing pains, but hopefully these problems won’t be present in the Liberty Lite version or future iterations.

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