Zolo liberty wireless left earbud showing dim red lighy

Hi i have just bought the zolo liberty 4 months ago, and currently having issues with my left earbud. Yesterday i had my left earbud switching off/disconnecting. Not sure whether its a connection issue or battery. So i left the earbud in the case with 2 bar left however today i couldnt even turn the left earbud on. I tried all the reset and stuff. Not i charge the charging case and the left earbud is judt constantly showing a dim red light. Whats the cause for the light?

The Red light means the battery is dead, when put into the case make sure the contacts on the earbud is connecting with the charging pins. When the earbuds are charging the light should light up white and it would be flashing

If leaving them on the charger all night doesn’t work then maybe you got a faulty pair