Zolo liberty Wireless Earbuds low volume

Hi, ive just purchased these wireless earbuds and for the price i am really impressed - only issue ive come across is really low volume when playing from spotify and stored music on my iphone - I have to turn the volume all the way up to maximum within the app - is anyone else experienceing this as even at full volume they are not very loud.

I have turned the volume limiter off on my iPhone.

BTW I think they are called Liberty+ (Model number Z2001) 5GHz


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There are always 2 possibilities to increase volume:
The earbuds and the source.
As you said you increased it at the phone side, have you tried to increase these on the buds as well?

On Zolo Liberty there is no volume control.

Could simply be that you’re not using the proper eartips, have you tried different sizes?

In the earlier version of Zolo Liberty (Z2000) there was a CSR bluetooth chip which was replaced with a RTL (Realtek) chip in later version (Z2001). I have a Liberty (Z2000) and the volume is great (very strong) and I rarely have to use it at over 40%. May be a different chip is causing this low volume.
Someone with Z2001 version can possibly refute or confirm this…

Lots of small earbuds are super quiet. I hope they figure something out soon!

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If there is no possibility to increase the volume by the earbuds you
should do this at the source.
LINUX allows more than 100%.
And this is enough even for an old deaf like me! :joy:

(Normal use is 40% NEVER 100% like shown on the screenshot, but you see there is even MORE :confused:)

Thanks for the replys - I tried the larger ear tips which seem to help, still have to have the volume at near max but this is much better!

What platform are you on? Because there are a few things you can do to increase the volume. On Androids, you can enable or disable Absolute Volume in developers mode. On iOS Got to settings–>music and then de-select the “sound check” to increase your volume

I’ve had my Zolo earbuds for just over a year now, and today my right EB did what all of you described. I tried repairing them to my phone as well as resetting the EB’s to no luck. However, I did fix the sound on my right EB and it’s as loud as when I bough them. It was a simple fix too. I cleaned the speaker (copper tip that goes in your ear) with a q-tip and rubbing alchaol.

I have the newer version. I guess the chip replacement has fixed this problem. I have had absolutely ZERO PROBLEMS. I’m using an iPhone.

I’m usually hard on earbuds and headphones but I’ve been really careful with these. About 6 months in one of them doesn’t have any audio at all but still acts like its connected and where they had great volume initially the one that does work is almost muted now. I can only hear them when there’s no other ambient sound. I’m 28 with excellent hearing.

@kenneth_preston see my thread Here on how to remedy this issue

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