Zolo Liberty upgraded version (100hrs)

So I had the liberty+ for over a year but they started only lasting 1-2 hours each charge.
I wanted to buy another one and came across the upgraded version with 8hrs/100hrs.
On the picture they look exactly the same and there’s no information that they changed the shape.

I ordered them and to my surprise, none of the added rubber thingies fit for my ears. I can use them for about 15 minutes and then my ears start hurting much. Also tried without the rubber thing but then they fall out immediately.

Pretty sad that shape change is nowhere clarified as the liberty+ fitted perfectly and I could use them as long as battery lived.

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There are SO many rubber plugs around.
You might find some which are fitting.

Of course the design (shape and measurements) are changing.
Your ear not. :wink:

Is there a new version of the zolo headphones or is it a soundcore product?

Well no there isn’t. I don’t mean the ear tips, I mean the rubber thing that covers the earphone itself…

it’s the updated version of the Zolo Anker Liberty+

Liberty + are discontinued. These are liberty.