Zolo Liberty True Wireless In-Ear Earphones (Review)

2 week update:
I find that the included and installed Gripfit jacket on the earphones are catching lot of dust and looks nasty right after cleaning. It also itches a little so I removed the jacket from earphones and now I love the feel of it. No more dust collection… It remains clean. I believe the primary goal of that jacket was to prevent it from slipping but even without that the earphones stay put. I am suggesting Anker to use a different material for the Gripfit Jacket.

Original Review:
Zolo Liberty True Wireless In-Ear Earphones are amazing. I have been testing them for a few days now. Here are my observations.
It comes in a very nice yellow/white box. Inside you will get the earphones, charging case, 3x eartips, 4x gripfit jackets and a microusb cable. It also has a happy/not happy card, safety card and owners manual.
Drivers: 2 x 5.5mm Graphene Dynamic
Frequency Response: 20Hz-20kHz
Audio Codec: AAC, SBC
Bluetooth Ver: 4.2
Microphone: MEMS with CVC noise reduction (on right earphone only)
Battery: 3.5 hrs for earbuds, 24+ hrs for case
Sweat Proof: IPX5
Power: 5V/1.5A
Getting started instructions are very clear and it took me less than 30 sec to pair it with my iPhone. Put the earphones back to charging case and it disconnects. Take it out and it reconnects.
Earphones attach magnetically in the charging case which is awesome. It came at 80% charged. Charging case has a microusb port (covered) for charging. It has 3 led indicators in the front to show the battery status. When you move the case the led lights up and shows the charge status of the case. When the earphones are in the case they charge automatically (indicated by slowly blinking white led). Earphones are rated to run for 3.5 hrs on full charge. Case can keep it charged for full 24 hrs.
Fit and Feel is amazing. I also have airpods and they are very slippery and have tendency to fall while handling. I have no such complaints with Liberty. They have gripfit jacket on them and it is great while handling/using. No more slipping of the earphones.

Now the most important aspect - “Sound”
Out of box these sounds amazing. Bass is very much there and is very enjoyable. Even though they are not noise cancelling but since they are in-ear type, they do cancel almost all outside sounds and i can play my music at much lower volumes.
I’m hearing subtle sounds in my music which I didn’t knew existed. Left/right earphone balance is perfect.
On both sides there is a big button on the earphone which is clickable. Single click play/pause the music (either earphone). Right earphone only works for taking phone calls. Double clicking right earphone activates Siri. Double clicking right skips track, while double clicking left restart the track. There is no volume control. Volume can be controlled from phone or via Siri.

Call Quality:
Call quality is excellent (on par with my awesome/amazing Plantronics M50) and I have no trouble placing or taking a call. I specifically asked the person on other end about call quality and they didn’t realized I was on bluetooth handsfree.

Using single earphone:
If you use only one earphone (only right works alone) and then want to pair the left one, just click the button on it and it automatically connects. This is really cool feature. I wish we can use the left only earphone as well (something to think about in next iteration).

About Charging Case:
It is 3.5" x 2" x 1.25" in dimension. It is always ON. Gold pin receptacles on both sides output 4.01V all the time weather earphones are in or not.

One feature which I wish was there is automatic pause when you remove the earphone from ear (which is in Airpods). Liberty do not have this feature.
You don’t need any app to use the earphone (which is awesome).
Overall, I’m really happy with these earphones and I’m really enjoying the great sound and freedom from wires.


Great review and pics. I like the fit vs the liberty+ they feel rock solid and really comfortable in my ears.

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I don’t have Liberty+ but these are amazing in comfort. Fit is right on spot. Once I put it on, I don’t have to wiggle or move it for better fit.

Thank you. I was really interested in knowing about call quality and how well the other caller could hear. Great pics as well. :slight_smile:

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That was by far the most important part of the review for me!


Thanks for the picture review.

Great review & pictures.

Good review!