ZOLO Liberty Total-Wireless Earphones

I received the Zolo Liberty Total Wireless Earphones by Anker and after a few days of testing, I can honestly say they are one of the best earphones I have used.

The earphones, once opening the Amazon packaging, are neatly packaged away in a magnetic box housing the earphones inside. On the outside of the box it lists some of the features of these earphones which include the following: total wireless functionality, push and go effortless setup, up to 3.5 hour playback (24 hours with charging case), sweat proof design, Zolo immersive sound with graphene technology, Gripfit secure comfort and smart assistant control.

The headphones within the packaging are stored away in what I can describe as a mini Anker Powercore. Upon opening the case you are welcomed by the earphones - which feel great in the ear and have an almost space-age feel to them. The Earphones are constructed very much like every other earphones however they also include a button on each side which allows for music controls and activation of your phones smart assistant (double click right earphone). They are quite light once inserted in your ears and thanks to the Gripfit rubber jackets it allows for an even snugger fit.

The initial setting was a breeze. You simply take the Earphones out of the charging case, go to your devices Bluetooth settings and connect to the Zolo Liberty. After that initial setting up I haven’t found the Earphones to disconnect at all. The seamless connection really does work. As soon as you remove the headphones from the case, your device will pair up with them ready for you to enjoy your favourite soundtrack and after you’re done with them, simply slot them away and they’ll disconnect. It’s like magic and very Apple-like. Well done Zolo!

The Zolos come with a varied selection of ear buds and Gripfit jackets which allows for users with smaller or larger ears to enjoy this product. As with all Anker products the Earphones come with a nylon braided cable allowing you to top up your charging case to get you through the day. The headphones are quoted to last around 3.5 hours on a single charge, which is more than enough for my commute and will top themselves up once stored away, extending their battery life to around one whole day. The charging/carrying case is very light and easily stored in a laptop bag, coat pocket or even in your jeans. I was worried at first of the weight of the Earphones but it’s hardly noticeable and reassures you that you won’t be trying to detangle a mess like traditional Earphones of this kind.

I’ve used the earphones while commuting and I haven’t noticed them move in my ear - which for me is usually a problem. Talking about commuting the earphones do great in cancelling that background noise of everyday life, granted it isn’t perfect and at low volumes, you can hear voices or vehicles passing but at moderate levels, this isn’t a problem. The Zolo Liberty Earphones make you feel like you’re wearing much more expensive earphones when you are listening to varied genres by their great bass production - for a small earphone, they produce a lot of bass usually lacking in other competitors earphones. Even with this great bass, there is clarity which doesn’t get distorted even with the volume cranked up. They are a lot louder compared to my Airpods.

One negative I would say is, if you are listening to YouTube you will notice that there is a slight delay in the audio syncing. I’m not sure whether this is the earphones or a problem with Youtube but that said it isn’t a deal breaker as the audio reproduction is great when listening to music.
If you are using these headphones for watching videos I would bare this in mind, but if you are an avid music/podcast listener I would give them a go!

Overall, I would highly recommend the Earphones to anyone, they sound great, they’re totally wireless and conveniently charge in a neat case. They are a definite contender to the Apple Airpods and for a fraction of the money at their current price


Nice review. I love the look of the case. I have the AirPods and love them. Can you use just one earbud at a time? I usually use my AirPods when I’m out walking my dog, therefore, only wear one earbud so that I can also hear my surroundings. You never know when you’ll encounter a cute doggy that wants to lick you to death. :stuck_out_tongue: I know some complain that the AirPods are not loud enough but for me, I usually only go up to 1/2 the allowed volume anyways. As far as comfort, how does the Zolo compare to the AirPods? And the weight?


Hi Nhi,

You can use one earbud at time however you need both of them not to be in the charging case for it to connect to your phone, however even with just one earphone in they are great. I found just dislodging one of the earbuds in the case enables it to connect to your phone without the risk of loosing it. They are very comfortable, I find they sit better in my ears but I would say if you have small ears you may struggle with them staying put. In terms of weight they are very balanced once in your ear and don’t feel like they would fall out at all. They are heavy enough to know they are there :slight_smile:

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My issue is you cannot use them independently, only the right ear bud can be used individually.

On average how long do they take to charge? The reason I like individual use is so I can have 1 in while the other charges and juse swap out as needed while at work

Thanks for the reply. Sounds good… no pun intended :wink: .

I tend to only use my left earbud so this is no bueño for me. I find that using only the right, I tend to tune the ambient noise out more then the other side.

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Great review. I’ve been wanting to get a pair of these. I’m afraid I might loose them.

Good review but Headphones are better because they have bigger battery. These lack usage time for full volume

“Bluetooth is getting capability upgrades in the form of multi-device broadcasting, allowing your phone to broadcast to multiple Bluetooth devices at once. Qualcomm says this will have significant implications for truly wireless earbuds, as current implementations have one earbud acting as a receiver and broadcaster, sending the audio signal to the second earbuds. This new Bluetooth capability will allow the phone to broadcast to both earbuds, meaning the earbuds don’t need to do any transmitting (this should also improve reception performance, theoretically).”

So would this help products like a future Zolo so each bud receives rather than one bud receives and transmits to the other bud?

I am on the OnePlus3T and skipped the OnePlus5 and OnePlus5T as not good enough an update and waiting for the next gen to be enough of an upgrade so 845 might be it.

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I originally had these on Kickstarter but pulled out. Now on general release why not get a pair £56 Amazon UK daily deal will see how the go. Yes it’s cheaper than Kickstarter too. Arrive Friday.


They look really nice. Great review ! I think you are the first to ever post about them :slight_smile:


A week in… I still have two so there is hope :slight_smile:


Thank you, glad you liked the review!

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For the current Amazon price they are steal for truly wireless earphones, they are definitely up there with Airpods and the effortless connection is great. Just take them out, put them in and click play!

For the price bear in mind the battery life is half that of others with a wire for less than half the price.

This is the first version. You’d predict an improved version soon.

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As with most Anker products, their future generations are generally better products. So I’m planning to wait see what they have for us in 2018.

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Zolo liberty and liberty+ caught many people’s attention in the community! Thanks for sharing your product experience with us! Great job!:stuck_out_tongue:


these look cool!
I have a pair of AirPods that I love, I wonder how these would compare to them

If I can get my hands on them somehow I’d love to write up a comparison

I can guess that theyre two different categories but seems like a solid product still!

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recieved my zolo today. perfect item, easy to pair , sounds perfect . fit great even without the jackets, you really cant hear any background. wife already told me off, oh the shame. definately worth £56 . they just work

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Great review. Since first seeing these I had a few questions. You answered them all.

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