ZOLO Liberty Total-Wireless Earphones - £56.24 - Amazon UK - Deal Of The Day

Just a heads up for those who don’t do daily checks on Amazon, the Zolo liberty wireless earbuds are currently on Amazon UK’s ‘Deal Of The Day’ for the next 15hrs at £56.24, down from £79.99 on the 5th Dec.

ZOLO Liberty Total-Wireless Earphones

NOTE: These are the standard Liberty model and not the same as the Liberty+ from Kickstarter


I hadn’t heard of these before and don’t know much about the history of the product/Kickstarter project but some of the reviews on amazon are a bit concerning though :grimacing: although the product does get plaudits.

I mean the offer is great at 60% off. :slight_smile:

I hadn’t either until I noticed it on Amazon this morning. From what I can gather these are a ‘standard’ version which have been released possibly due to extra money from the over backed Liberty+ Kickstarter campaign (that’s what I have read, not what I know).

Main differences seem to be BT 4.1 instead of 5 and only 24hrs case battery life, compared to 48hrs on the KS Liberty+.

Read the reviews and I am on the fence at the moment…I’m all for messing with a new version but I have numerous Anker buds already that are serving more than well so don’t see the need for additional expense so close to Christmas :grin:

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I’m always cautious with those kickerstarter / indiegogo campaigns after getting burnt on the bi-cable project.

I can see why backers would be upset about the product. But as an outsider without reading those background reviews it doesn’t look good.


Also on sale in US.


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Woho! nice price! also finally a UK deal!

Just ordered my pair as an upgrade from the Soundbuds Sport!

Like any new wireless earphones their will be issues, and most of those issues almost always have to do with conectivity. I had been using wireless earphones since before they became a big thing with the apple earpods. In fact I went through a few different ones due to the same issue before I finally settled on a cheap one that worked good and sounded great…and even allowed me to use each ear bud independently. This is what I had, and may end up buying again once I have funds

This is what I had before me sweating a lot killed it. If I had listened to all the reviews I would have never brought them. New technology for any company is always going to be a hit or miss, some will have great experience and others won’t. That’s just the name of the game with technology

My caution is based on unit cost and how much necessary innovation had to be done to make the product. Avoid version 1 and particularly avoid expensive version 1.

Hint: If it were a sure thing they’d not need your money, it would have been funded already by someone with cash.

That’s true, the bi cable campaign just took the money without backers getting anything in return. No communication / updates for months followed by an ever changing date for completion. Just glad I only backed £30 lol