Zolo Liberty shoutout

This past weekend, I ran a race and afterwards, stuck my Zolo Liberty earbuds in the pocket of my sweatshirt. Later, I put the sweatshirt in the washing machine, forgetting that my earbuds were still in there. Halfway through the wash cycle, I remembered they were still in my sweatshirt (which was COMPLETELY submerged in water). I was devastated. I put the earbuds in a bowl of rice and crossed my fingers. The next day I tried the earbuds and sure enough, they worked!

Anker, thank you for making such a great product. Kudos!


Good to know those survived :+1:

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Good story.

Reminds me of a friend who made the same with his mechanical watch.

Watch was broken after.

May be temperature was more than 60C :rofl:

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Great story. Glad to hear that it survived. :slight_smile: Thanks for sharing your story.

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Awesome! Glad they work! I ran my spirit X through the washer… they work great!

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