ZOLO LIBERTY+ short review

I received the Zolo Liberty + wireless headphones as a gift from Anker, which made me very happy, it was a pleasant surprise, and for which I want to express my thanks to @Anker. :pray:

I have been testing it for a long time :calendar:, I use it to train :bicyclist: run :runner: or just sit down to enjoy a relaxing music :notes:

The main features are:

:white_check_mark: APP ZOLO Life

:white_check_mark: Transparency Sound Isolation

With this function, you can activate the sound of the outside while you listen to your favorite music

:white_check_mark: Bluetooth 5.0

Pairing is very easy, nothing complicated.

:white_check_mark: Smart Assistant Support: right earphone

:white_check_mark: Power Source Micro USB 5V/1.5A

:white_check_mark: Battery: Earbuds: up to 3.5hrs audio playback.

Charge case: 48+hrs additional audio playback

:white_check_mark: Sweat Proof IPX5

Sound Quality

The sound quality is very good, and you can even set the equalizer.

You can listen to the music on both sides of the headphones but when you have calls you can only hear on the right side.

At the beginning, I thought that I had damaged the left side because I could not hear my calls on both sides, so I understood that you can only hear the calls on the right side.

The load of the headphones and the case is very durable, sometimes, I leave it for weeks without using it because I forget it somewhere, and when I find it they continue with the full charge.

For me, it’s comfortable when you have it on.

I always carry it with me on my trips in my wallet or my pockets.


Thanks for sharing your review

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so many pictures just what the Forum likes. I love my set as well.


Excellent review. Thank you for all the pictures… we like pictures :slight_smile:

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@Jesse_Hernandez1 @Nhi @EDGAR thank you very much!!:heart_eyes: I am pleased to know that you liked it :blush:v


Thanks for your review, and for the fantastic pictures.
Any chance you can take a picture of how it sits in your ear? I know some have had trouble with the fit and it will help others determine if they are for them

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Excellent review & pictures @Daiross :thumbsup:


Thank you!! :heart_eyes:

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yes! I’ll upload it tomorrow, I just forgot to do it. My apologies :grinning:


Great review and pictures, @Daiross!


thank u!!! :blush::blush::blush:

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They hold in my ears fine but it looks like it fits you perfectly. Cheers for the photo

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Review looks good, and so do the photos! Why did anker give these to you?

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You have a lot of anker products lol

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It was a Christmas gift :heart_eyes:

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Great! Nothing more to add. :wink:

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Because we ALL LOVE Daisy! :wink: