Zolo LIberty+ onlynone of them sound, the other it sound low

Hello everyone, i recently boguht a zolo liberty+ and having this problem. The left sound allright, the right sound too low. I reset them several times and norhing, also tried it at various phones and devices and still having the same problema

Hi @Gonzalo.outerelo,
Sorry to hear that you’re having volume issues with your right earbud. You may need to clean any debris from the mesh filter on the right earbud, but if that doesn’t help, feel free to reach out to service@zoloaudio.com with your order information for further assistance. Thank you!

Hello there, the esrbud its clear, it dont have any debris. I bought here in argentina i dont have any order information (amazon or anker store). They import things here from usa

@TechnicallyWell Thanks a lot for your response. @Gonzalo.outerelo There is some troubleshooting that we can try:

1.Please adjust volume down(-) button first and then press the volume up(+) on your phone.
2.Place the earbuds back to the charging case properly and taking them out again.
3.Double tap both earbuds simultaneously.
4.Go to the Bluetooth menu on your device and select “Zolo Liberty+”.
5. Please try with a new device.

If this not works, I am afraid there might be something inside the filter. Just check with your finger, if the gold filter mesh is a bit sticky, if that’s the case

A. Connect the liberty+. Put a song on and set the volume to max.
B. Get a cotton stick put a bit of alcohol on it.
C. Use the cotton stick but gently rub/clean the gold filter mesh.

Don’t forget, when you do sports the liberty+ will get in contact with your sweat - so cleaning them once in a while won’t hurt them.

If this issue persists, could you please contact support@anker.com with your serial number and order number? We will cover an 18-month warranty regarding any quality issue related. Thanks.