Zolo liberty+ On Sale

Zolo liberty plus is on sale now


That’s quite a discount :open_mouth: thanks for posting @elmo41683 :thumbsup:


Indeed, a decent discout. I’m a summing they are trying to clear inventory of products with the zolo brand marking, since for these it’s milled onto the cases and not easily changed. Either way a good price of you ask me.


Nice Deal :slight_smile:

True. It is a good deal for Liberty+ :grin:

Best ear buds I have seen so far.

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I hope that’s not true I really liked the Zolo branding and logo and it easier to fit on smaller products. @AnkerOfficial should hold and Soundcore Logo design contest on the forum. No offense to the Marketing team but I don’t think the new SoundCore logo is very visually appealing and think they can do better.

I have to agree, I did like the zolo branding. But with them switching to soundcore they really need to do a better visual graphics

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I think (and hope) we’ll eventually see (although albeit not with the upcoming LIberty Lite as it would appear) the d in Soundcore become the icon. It’s hinted at everywhere. So on products that can be even smaller where needed.

Find it someone interesting that @AnkerOfficial on Twitter is advising waiting for Liberty Lite instead of Liberty/Liberty+… Wouldn’t they still be the premium models?

I’m obviously not against them making some big improvements (hopefully they do because the current models could definitely use them), but overall, just kind of another sign that the Zolo’s didn’t go quite as planned and hoped.

I love my liberty+ and this deal makes it a STEAL in my opinion. I’m excited to compare my liberty+ with the lite, in time.

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Well with a year of feedback from users and issues reported, hopefully they take all of that and drastically improve the lites. Not only that, but since they are telling people to hold out for those I jave high hopes for even higher quality audio and connections


Given that Zolo was an apprentice brand that Anker was backing (if I recall correctly), rather than actually being a Anker sub-brand at the time (aka now under SoundCore), it does kinda make sense how they are advising waiting for their new improved model now that they’ve had a year of feedback to take on-board and implement…

…although I think it’s one of the first times I’ve seen a company advise waiting when premium price sales could still be made…certainly a premium example of Anker’s customer support


I only hope that they will support solo branded products for the next months