Zolo Liberty+, My Review

Here is my review on the Zolo Liberty+

Aesthetics: The case feels great and very premium, although very large and heavy. For me, the bulk and weight is fine, and well worth it considering battery life. The earphones themselves are well made and, but a little bit large in the ear, although not too heavy.

Durability: I’ve dropped the earphones multiple times and they’re holding up great. I’ve never dropped the case, but it’s so heavy I’d assume that it wouldn’t make it out in one piece if I did.

Audio: It’s very good, with great clarity. The bass is a bit lacking, but I’m sure most people will find it fine. The earphones do a great job at sealing out ambient noise as well.

Battery Life: In my testing, I usually got just under 3 hours with them, but I never use them for that long, and the massive 48 hour capacity of the case keeps them charged.

Connectivity: By the time I’ve taken the earphones out of the case and put them in my ears, they’re usually already connected to one another, and my phone. Unfortunately, not every time I take them out of the case do they turn on automatically, and I’ve tested three different pairs on this issue, and it was prominent in all of them. Once they’re on and connected to my phone, I’ve never experienced connectivity issues, probably thanks to the Bluetooth 5.0.

Transparency Mode: Clearly not a lot of thought was put into this. I don’t hear as loud as I do in real life, and the volume can’t be raised. When I have it activated and I’m listening to music at around 70% volume, I don’t hear ambient noises, but only an annoying hiss, so I turn it off. At this point, it would be faster and easier for me to just take one of the earphones out of my ear to talk to someone then to turn on transparency mode.

I give these a 6 and a half out of 10.
Hope you enjoyed! Merry Christmas!


If there’s anything that you disagree with, or want me to change something next review, just let me know.


They help extend any point you make.

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thanks! i’ll add some now, and bear that in mind for any futher reviews

Nice review

Thanks for the review, you may find it helpful to download the Zolo app and see if that changes anything for you in terms of sound quality. Also try different ear tips to see if you can fine tune the bass. Great job otherwise

i’m sorry, but when i choose a music style in the zolo life app, what happens? does it make that style sound better…?

ps, i’m new to the forums, sorry for kinda blindly trying to get bucks.

Would be nice if the case was smaller

Thank you for the input! Regarding to the product, what aspects do you want to improve?

size of the earphones, and it might be nice if the app could control audio styles more like jabra’s app. also, maybe some more functionality for the transparency mode.

also if you can use the left earbud standalone

Great review. Would love to see some user pics. Manufacture pics only go so far. :slight_smile:

thanks. will bear in mind next review

Photos would be good. Good review though!


thanks. i’ll do that for my second review

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thanks you guys