Zolo liberty metal screen stuck in ear (not mine)

Saw this on reddit reddit link
Does anyone know or have update on this? sounds scary.

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Yeah I just saw this. Was on my way to see if he would make a post here.

Hope the guy is ok.

Hope the person is doing fine!

Might be a product recall candidate

@AnkerOfficial Have you seen this? Possible Recall?? Just FYI.

Hope the chap is okay…but I’m also curious to know if this has happened through doing a self cleaning / mesh removal repair, to remove the wax build up issues we have seen…

This was my thought, and why I didn’t comment sooner. I mean, if you look at the picture you can clearly see the wax build up. .

Woah. I don’t know about that one. Sounds like a tall tale to me! :wink: maybe it is a problem :man_shrugging:

So the guy got the metal screen out at ER. Must have been a hellish 3 hr wait :frowning:

Meh, 3 hours is nothing nowadays in the ER. Mind you I was in the ER last weekend before they admitted me to the hospital. I only waited 2 1/2 hours but there were people there before me who still haven’t been seen, all depends on the level if emergency.

I saw that post and how chill he seemed to be afterwards which is suspect to me. That it wasn’t all that serious

I haven’t seen this before, but if it happened, i hope the guy is OK.
I believe he already contacted Anker support team, I believe the support team will give him a good solution.:innocent:


I hope so. I mean, they should cover his ER cost imo. Maybe not though.