Zolo Liberty Left Earbud Not Turning On

I recently just bought a pair of
Zolo Liberty model z2000. They worked fine until now. I tried to turn them on and the right earbud works but the left earbud will not turn on despite of it saying it is fully charged. I need help.

Sorry about the problem of the earbuds. We noticed you have contacted us and one of our representative replied to your email on Oct 18. Would you please check your email to see have you received the reply? Thanks

I’m having the same issue. Is there something I’m doing wrong here?

@jjcole2010 Is it not turning in or it is but you have no sound?

@elmo41683 it seems to be turning on, but no sound. The light on the left earbud keeps giving three short bursts, then one slightly longer burst.

If it’s just no sound, then maybe give my fix a try and see if that helps.

@elmo41683 I feel that the issue may not be a physical one; I can clearly hear it power up and power down. It just doesn’t seem to be transmitting the sounds from whatever I have linked to it via Bluetooth. I was hoping that it would be an easy fix.