Zolo liberty left ear bud wont pair with right

I recently just bought a pair of
Zolo Liberty model z2000. They worked fine until now. I tried to turn them on and the right earbud works but the left earbud will not turn on despite of it saying it is fully charged. I need help

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@Jordan_Matthews Have you tried completing a reset and fresh pairing on the earbuds as per the user manual?

Complete the following to reset;

  • Put earbuds back into the charging case and then remove
  • Double tap both earbuds simultaneously
  • Select Liberty within your Bluetooth menu
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Contact anker at support@anker.com and they will send you a replacement pair. Like if helped


@Muhammad_02 please stop asking and begging for people to give you a like for your comment, especially If all you are going to do is post the same thing without any additional insight on the users problem.

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Just giving advise mate. Just wondering if my advise helped.


If someone felt your advice helped they will give a like if they want, without the need for you to ask it beg for it

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The Zolo Liberty earbuds are the worst piece of tech trash I’ve ever bought. They worked properly out of the box and for a couple of times beyond, but not since. I’ve trolled this site and the rest of the Internet and can’t get any of the fixes to fix my pairing problem. I’ve written support@anker.com, and am posting here (just on the off chance Anker monitors these posts). Should just bought the wireless buds from Apple. So disappointed and frustrated in an airport, unable to use these things.

If hou have written support they would uave helped you with your issue until you were satisfied. Surely they did not give up helping unless you brought them from a third party, but even still they would have helped and replaced them if needed.

Eitherway i am sorry for the troubles you have and experienced. I dont know what the issues were but there is almost always a way to fix things.

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Here’s the fix

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