Zolo Liberty+ lasting under 2 hours

So I use my Liberty+ for a year now and they’ve done fine. I never really cared about battery life as I only used them about an hour a day.

Now I needed them for about 2.5 hours so I fully charged them today. Now I used them for about 1 hour 50 and they’re already empty. Is that normal after a year of use?

Btw listening spotify music on highest quality. Maybe I should reduce quality to use them longer?

I could imagine that it’s a similar problem as the Airpods have. But @AnkerOfficial has to confirm

If these can be opened they have replaceable battery. I don’t know if opening can be done without destroying?

I have opened mine and apart from the button, you cannot open them further without damaging the laser weld that holds the two sides together.

Hmm, thanks for the replies. I think I gonna get the new ones with 8hours playtime, maybe they last a bit longer than a year. Overall I’m very satisfied with their shape and sound quality.