Zolo Liberty+ Kickstarted! Big Discounts Available

On June 20th, our apprentice brand Zolo launched its Kickstarter campaign for Liberty+: The World’s First Zero-Compromise Total-Wireless Earphones.

The first 500 Super Early Bird backers snagged an awesome discount price of $79 (compared to the $149 MSRP). That number was quickly surpassed in a matter of hours. As of this writing, Liberty+ has garnered 4,550 backers and $445,205 in funding—and still going strong.

You haven’t yet missed your chance to become part of Zolo’s revolutionary audio story. You can still grab a special customized edition of Liberty+ for only $99 by becoming a backer today.

To get the full scoop, check out our recent coverage on The Verge.

Major thanks to our backers, community members, and loyal fans here and elsewhere, for helping us make this dream a reality.


well done Zolo and @AnkerOfficial. Looks like you have developed another great product.

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Thanks, we will do all we can to develop the new product!:grin:

Amazing to see such innovation from the Anker team and wish you every success with Zolo, thank you for sharing your passion Anker :clap:

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The product is nice designed and the specs are nice too. I will wait for the first reviews.
Because for $149 the earpods promises a lot. I hope that the product is good but I don’t know it.
And as a student in school I can’t invest in products which are maybe crab.

I don’t think it because it is from Anker but I need safety.

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Thanks for your objective opinions! Let’s see the first review to be done!

Incredibly excited for this product. Sounds really neat on paper. I will be waiting happily for the reviews to trickle in before jumping on the bandwagon! :smiley:

Hoping for great reviews as always.

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