Zolo Liberty+ Issue - No sound on left earbud

My Zolo Liberty+ used to work fine until I lost audio on my left earbud. Tried resetting the earbuds but it doesn’t solve the problem.

I think that the left earbud has lost its connection to the right earbud as I can now put it into the charging case without affecting the right earbud. I can also hear audio/music fine on the right earbud whereas I get stuck on the left one. I hope you can help me with this problem. Thank you!

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Is it the left earbud you are having issues with or the right? The right earbud is the controller for both so that would explain why you can put the left into the case and have no issues with the right. I believe this is the second case I heard of the left earbud having issues.
Reach out service@zoloaudio.com with your order number and serial number


I’m having problems with the left earbud.

Ah, got it, just tested it on my other Liberty+. It does keep on working even if I place the left earbud on the charging case. I could’ve sworn I once placed the left earbud and my left earbud also stopped working.

Got it! Already reached out to them before posting here but I wasn’t able to include my order and serial numbers. Will send them. Thanks!

This works

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So I tried this a couple times and at first it wasn’t working for me. My right earbud was eaten by my puppy and I purchased a replacement so I was starting to worry that they wouldn’t connect. In my frustration I continued doing steps 1-3 multiple times then did steps 1-2 a couple times without ever connecting them to my phone. Finally after turning the light red then pink a few times I put them in the case and when I took them out and tried connecting them one last time VOILA !! IIT WORKED thanks everyone for posting and helping people figure these things out. Cheers!