Zolo Liberty+ Issue - Lower volume on right bud

After just about a month of having them, i’ve now experiencing a problem with my (until now excellent) Zolo Liberty+ wireless earbuds.

I’vefound that the right earbud is significant software than the left.

I don’t think this relates to the audio being sent from the Bluetooth device, as even the “beep” when the buds are turned on is significant softer on the right one.

Rather disappointing this has happened so soon. Can you offer any suggestions as to fix? Can the buds be “reset” in anyway (the little documentation is also one downside)?

Any ideas? Hopefully the issue with the volume on the right bud can be sorted so I can get back to enjoying the product.


Hi @lance5 , have you tried completing a reset of the buds and/or fresh pairing of the buds with your device as a troubleshooting option?

Complete the following to reset;

  • Put earbuds back into the charging case and then remove
  • Double tap both earbuds simultaneously
  • Select Liberty+ within your Bluetooth menu

It would also be good to try them against another device to rule out issues, even though you don’t believe it is the primary cause.

If you are still having issues after a reset and/or fresh pairing of the earbuds I would suggest you reach out to service@zoloaudio.com with your purchase date/location, serial and troubleshooting steps taken for your issue.


@lance5 I’m also experiencing the same problem just now. I received mine before Christmas so it’s not even a full month yet. Right earpiece has lower volume and it’s starting to become annoying. I’m so sad because audio quality in this thing is so good yet mediocre volume on the right.

@ndalby I tried to reset the product as well as switch to various device. The problem still persists. Right side still has lower volume than normal.

@ndalby Thanks for your response. @tombaito @lance5 There is some troubleshooting that we can try:

1.Please adjust volume down(-) button first and then press the volume up(+) on your phone.
2.Place the earbuds back to the charging case properly and taking them out again.
3.Double tap both earbuds simultaneously.
4.Go to the Bluetooth menu on your device and select “Zolo Liberty+”.
5. Please try with a new device.

If this not works, I am afraid there might be something inside the filter. Just check with your finger, if the gold filter mesh is a bit sticky, if that’s the case

A. Connect the liberty+. Put a song on and set the volume to max.
B. Get a cotton stick put a bit of alcohol on it.
C. Use the cotton stick but gently rub/clean the gold filter mesh.

Don’t forget, when you do sports the liberty+ will get in contact with your sweat - so cleaning them once in a while won’t hurt them.

If not helps, feel free to contact support@anker.com with your serial number and order number.


Actually had this issue pop up today for me as well.

Haven’t used them for any sports and the filters are clean. Tried the repairing but no luck. Contacted support.

I have to same issue pop up today. I used the buds 2 days ago and they were fine. I tried both pairing with new devices and cleaning them. No luck with either.

My liberty+ also started to give me the same problem
Tried all the repairing steps that has been mentioned with of no results.
Anker should look into this immediately…

@AnkerSupport I tried cleaning the buds as what you suggested. Still no luck. I’m pretty sure this has nothing to do with filter blockage at all. It makes me feel like there’s actually some hardware (or hopefully software) defect on your product’s audio.

I also tried contacting your support team via email 2 days ago. Still no response.

Being the weekend and Anker like many companies are off on the weekend, but rest assured they will get back to you asap. Sorry for the issues everyone is having, trust in Anker and they will make it right

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I am also affected with the same ear bud, tried the troubleshooting steps and cotton bud cleaning with no luck.

What next?

Please send an email service@zoloaudio.com provide them with order details, serial number and all troubleshooting steps you have taken to help expedite your ticket


I had the same problem with lower volume on the right ear bud and figured out that it was due to moisture build up on the driver try to either wick away the moisture or displacing it with isopropyl alcohol and a cotton swab. That seemed to solve the issue for me.

@Gabriel_Casillas Seeing that your problem was resolved, I did a second clean up and the right audio seems to be working back to normal again. Seems that I wasn’t able to properly clean it the first time. So yeah, make sure to clean the mesh properly.

But anyway, glad that my product is working well again.

See I told y’all to clean it :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I still cannot fix this with a cotton bud, not without damaging the gold filter plate

@tombaito @Gabriel_Casillas How did you guys clean your earbuds out? Can you take them apart to get to the driver area?

It’s not the driver getting dirty it’s the metal mesh safety screen gets clogged with ear wax or other debris. Clean with a qtip dipped in rubbimg alcohol, wipe and repeat…in some cases you can do what earpods users do and suck put the gunk with your mouth…look up how they clean them and you will see that’s the most effective way to get earpods cleaned

I have had the issues and this morning received the following response,

i am sorry for the long waiting, we planned to have some stock in the mid of January, however, we noticed there were many customers saying they had the one side problem. Therefore, we have got some defective items back for further investigation and found out the root cause. The main reason we found that the earbuds filter was filled out of some kind of oil stucking the filter to cut down the sound. We are now changing the structure of the filter inside now, it may takes 4 weeks, is that okay you give us more time to get an upgraded version?

Very odd…“oil” from where I wonder? User’s ears? (ear wax)

Could be oil they use in manufacturing when they cut them to size and fit them. They should have been cleaned afterwards but could easily have been an oversight by someone rushing to get them cut and processed. Glad they figured out the problem though, hopefully it doesn’t effect all of them and just a handful.

I know I haven’t had issues with mine, fingers crossed it stays that way