Zolo Liberty Hands-Free with Windows 10

I’m trying to connect Zolo Liberty bluetooth headset to a windows 10 pc. I can get the headphones working fine, but the Mic isn’t detecting any audio. I know they work because they are working well with my phone. Any suggestions would be appreciated.


The "old WIN10 bt issue i assume.

You should download and install the original drivers for you4 bt-card.
Not using those from WIN10.

try reinstalling the drivers

can’t be just any driver.
@Derek_Anderson please do as @fhassm mentioned and download the driver for your specific bluetooth card. Do NOT rely on microsoft to get you the latest driver as it will almost always tell you you have the current driver version. Sadly this has been an ongoing issue with Windows 10 and bluetooth issues people have been having where as it disables or doesn’t update properly so users are forced to find the driver on their own and install it in order for it to work properly. Yay Microsoft, always breaking more stuff than they fix with updates

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