Zolo Liberty charging status lights on case don't turn off

When I first started using my Zolo Liberty earbuds the 3 lights on the case would shut off when left idle. After a recent full recharge, the 3 lights on case stay on and never turn off. Is this normal? … i’m concerned it is draining unnecessary battery life.

The lights generally only come o when shook or moved, but almost always turn off. Now, if your charging the case the lights wil remain on until the unit is unplugged from the power source. If it still remains on then try repeating the earbuds themselves and see if it’s a weak connection forcing the lights on

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Thanks for info. That was my understanding too. They always turned on to show charge status when moved or touch. Now they just remain on. I just reset them to insure strong connection. Same issue, the lights still don’t turn off.

I’ve had this happen a few times with my Zolo Liberty charging case. The lights eventually turn off, but it typically takes several days. I’m not exactly sure what causes it. The LEDs don’t use very much power, so the battery drain from the LEDs would be very slow.

Check if your earplugs are properly seated in the case

@Richard_Lightspeed Thank you for your question. Please stopped charging and using a metal wire short-circuit the left electrode once and release it to restore. The indicators on the charging case will turn off -


@AnkerSupport I tried as you suggested and the lights case charging lights still have not turned off. I tried just a quick short and then also held it there a couple of seconds. What should I do now?


I push the little probes down a bit when shorting and that worked, the lights went off.