Zolo liberty can not charge

I buy the Zolo liberty wireless earbud but now can not connect through Bluetooth after the first use. I guess it may due to the earbud can not hold the charge. The charging box has three solid LED lights, but when I try to connect, only the left earbud has the LED light flashing, and the right earbud has no response. I checked the charging box and can not find the plastic as it suggested from the online post. Don’t know what’s the problem, can the Anker technician provide help to me? Thanks a lot!

The plastic cover is on the earbuds themselves, not the charging case. If you look at the earbud where the charging contacts are you should see a clear sticker over them. Just remove it and place the earbud back into on the case

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You can also try cleaning on the charging receptacle points

No plastic cover is found, I try to use alcohol to clean the charging receptacle points, it still can not charge to connect the Bluetoothzolo_cannot_charge . Please see the uploaded clips. Thanks.

when I open the lid, one earbud (left) flashing and three LED light are also flashing. Please help.


Contact support at service@soundcore.com

They will help you ouT