Zolo Liberty+ call audio only on right but music on both. Normal?

So I’ve had my Liberty+ for about 2 days now. Is it normal to only have audio on the right bud during calls? When I listen to music I get it on both buds. I’ve tried resetting them but it has not made a difference (double click both buds after removing from the case). Anyone else have this or know how to get call audio in both buds?

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That is correct, music is stereo while calls are mono via the right earbud. It is this way by design


I had the same issue when I first got my set but the manual says audio during calls is mono one the right.

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Unfortunately, yes, calls only come on the right ear, and we can’t even change which side it will come - which is bad for people who are hearing impaired in the right ear. And it seems to be like that in all truly wireless earphones, to my knowledge at least, except for the Apple AirBuds.


Bit of a shame this really as I am going slightly deaf in my right ear. When I wear my radio in work, it’s always on my left ear so I can hear clearly.

Maybe this could be fixed by allowing to choose either in the settings for those with hearing issues.

I also asked the same question, I thought it was a problem with the device, but finally they explained to me that this is how it works

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@Thura_Htein Thank you for contacting us via the community to let us know your concern. Please kindly note that you can take calls only via right side earbud. It is a common feature and It’s a result of how the Bluetooth connection is handled between separate earpieces. Would you please contact us at service@zoloaudio.com for more assistance? Many thanks.