Zolo Liberty+ Battery life

I recently got a pair of the Zolo Liberty+ earphones and am finding the battery life to fall well short of the advertised 3.5 hours of life. This morning I was using them at about 60% volume connected to my iPhone and after 45 minutes were down to 60%. They never show as 100% charged even straight out of the charging case.

Is anyone else finding this? What can be done?

Sorry to hear you are having problems with your Liberty+ headphones I have been using my set heavily since Christmas and I consistently get between 3-3.5 hours depending on volume . You can try resetting them by double-clicking both pods immediately after taking them out of the case. I was told the reset procedure was to double click both pods at the same time while in the case but found that what worked for me was taking them out then double click. I would reach out to Anker support@anker.com
I have no doubt that Anker make things right. Best of luck

For zolo support and issues contact service@zoloaudio.com

While support@anker.com would be able to help they will most likely have to refer you to the right department which can further delay their response.


You could try recalibrating the battery sensors by draining it completely then charging it all the way back to 100%.

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@james70 Thanks for bringing this issue to our attention via the community.

Iā€™m sorry to hear the battery life does not show 100%. Could you please send an email to us via service@zoloaudio.com? Our team will do the investigation and help you on this issue. Thanks.

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Thanks. I have sent an email about the battery issue I am seeing and look forward to hearing back soon.