Zolo Liberty+ Battery dead?

So, I’ve been using my buds since I received them on kick starter. Yes, the left bud had the volume issue after a while. My solution was just to pierce the gold. Hey, it now works flawlessly. Need to clean it every now and then but I have full audio.

My main problem is the left bud. I’m not talking about the button. Yes it’s nasty but I guess I have to live with that.The battery appears to have died. It was showing signs of weirdness about two weeks ago. After a full charge, it started giving the low battery sound after about 30 minutes.

After a few days it would give this alert after a few minutes. Not it won’t charge nor turn on. In it’s last few days of failing, the charging light would come on but start flashing after a few seconds rather than stay on for the charging duration. The contacts are clean.

The charging pins push down and spring back up again. All looks good on the outside.

Bit miffed. Anyone else have this problem? Just wondering if it’s JUST me or as widespread as the other regular issues.

Whenever I put my buds in the charging case they flash for a few seconds and then it becomes a solid white light and then it turns off once it’s fully charged. I would recommend taking a pencil eraser and rubbing the contacts until clean and doing the same for the charging case. Then fully charge the case and try again


Cheers. I’ll try that in a few days. I’m currently discharging the buds and charger fully. When that’s done, I’ll try your suggestion.

Pencil eraser is just fine for the ear buds but for the charging case I would suggest a cotton bud

Hey did this work ? Im having the same problem but mimes with the right earbud i was using it all day and they died on me when putting them to charge the left one turn the white light saying is chargin but the right one would turn white them red and turn off if yall know anyway i can fix this please let me know

I’m having the same issue as the last poster. Anyone have any suggestions. I’ve tried cleaning all the recommended ways without success. I’m starting to resent buying these. Sound is awesome when they are “working correctly”. You would think think spending$100 would give you a suppior product, I’m starting to think its a false reality. Does zolo have an 800 number perhaps? I’ve yet to find one.

@Colin.tomison83781 did you remove the screen and the fabric behind the screen and clean out the passage way? As that is the only proper way to clean these to restore the sound…