Zolo Liberty Available for Order on Amazon (11-20 UPDATE)

The Zolo Liberty earbuds are now in stock on Amazon for $99! Keep in mind these are NOT the Liberty+. Check out the differences here.

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Update 11/08: The Amazon listing for the Zolo Liberty earbuds is now updated with relevant information.

Update: The Zolo site has also seen a slight revamp recently and the live chat feature is coming soon! Check out the changes for yourself at www.zoloaudio.com!

Zolo has been hard at work lately, releasing two new apps, and finalizing their Zolo Liberty/Liberty+ earbuds and Halo (Alexa)/Mojo (Google Assistant) speakers! All four of these products should launch within the next month.

Accompanying apps for both have now made their appearances on the App and Play Stores!

Zolo Play is for the smart speakers.

Zolo Life is for the earbuds.

A listing for Zolo Liberty has also just appeared on Amazon, however the information has not been updated from the SoundBuds IE20. Hold onto this link.

Has anyone hear contributed to the Zolo Kickstarter campaign? If so, we’d all love to hear your thoughts when you receive your units!

This is a very exciting time for Zolo to say the least!


Looks like the speaker is gonna work with everything but Apple Music :thumbsdown:

If those wireless ear buds can be used singley, one at a time then I would be all for it. But sadly I saw it was asked during their campaign and they said no. The right is the controller for them both and cannot be used independently.

Now I know cost is a factor, but if other wireless ear buds and cheaper at that can manage to utilize two separate controllers with 1 master then I think anker/zolo should be able to pull it off as well

If I remember correctly, one can be used independently, however it is locked to just that one. It might be the right as you suggested, but I’m not for sure.

Update: It is the right. I just looked through the FAQ on Zolo’s Kickstarter campaign page.

Well yeah the right could be used on its own as it’s the master, but that’s it the left cannot be used independently

Edited: Posted before I saw your edit

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Yeah, I want to know what people think about the Liberty +.

Looking to get a pair of truly wireless earbuds/earphones now that I have a note 8 with Bixby.

From the kickstarter, I could not see Liberty + supporting Bixby.

Was really looking into it because of all the hardware included it in and the bluetooth 5.0!!!

My god, id jump on reputable 5.0 devices to go along with my Note 8 anytime

At launch, I don’t think they will support Alexa, either.

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They do look great. Bose do a set too and I do like Apple AirPods but can’t be spending £160 on them.

The question is now should you buy it or not.
I mean it is now just a toy.

The only thing for me why I should buy it is that you support the development of these devices.

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That isn’t Ankers problem, Apple is extremely exclusive. Even if Apple would allow other companies to use it, it would be so expensive that the speakers would have to increase in price.

I know. It’s sucks but maybe I can hook it up to my Bro-In-Laws Amazon Music account instead :stuck_out_tongue:

Buying a Prime membership is totally worth it!

I’m an Early Bird Zolo Liberty+ Kickstarter backer, waiting patiently for my buds to arrive. Couldn’t let the chance to get one of those half the price!

Just saw in the page shared by @joshuad11 that they will have a “non-plus” version with Bluetooth 4.2, no transparency option and a different microphone. I wonder how much cheaper it will be to justify those compromises.

I have a pair of SoundBuds Sport IE. They sound good enough for music - for the price - but strangely the audio quality on the calls is subpar, enough for me to prefer taking them off to answer calls. I hope the Liberty doesn’t have the same problem.

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Question About Colours, Included DAC, and finding feature like Apple Airpod has.

service@zoloaudio.com may be able to respond to some of you inquiries.

The Apps look cool ! I’m gonna test them on my Android phone right away.

The regular version also won’t have support for the app I hear.

My guess is this is all a scam by Zolo. Every promise by them has been broken. Now they are claiming shipping delays due to Christmas in China!?

Which promise has been broken? Alexa? They explained the issues, and they might resolve it through firmware upgrades. Delays in Kickstarters are basically always sure to happen. Plus, they promised shipment in October 2017. If they manage to ship by October 31st, they are within their timeframe. If they ship by April 2018, they’ll be within Kickstarter average.

They are communicating, so as far as I’m concerned everything’s good.

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