Zolo inconsistency

I have had mine for over a month and a half. I am having zero success with getting mine to consistently work properly. Every time I go to use them, I have to go through some BS sequence for 5-10 minutes before I can get them to work. I regret that I spent money on such a piece of inconsistent low-end technology. I would not recommend this product to anyone. This product has taught me a lesson…always keep your receipt.

Please contact the support!
It seems you got a defective item.

Have you tried a true reset of them and a fresh unpairing and repairing to your phone?

@bob_smith_lll Sorry to know the problem of your earbuds. May I trouble you to let us know the device you used with the ZOLO earbuds? Please make sure the earbuds are fully charged. If the earbuds are defective, please contact us via support@anker.com. We are happy to help you with the exchange. Thanks