Zolo Halo Firmware Status

My trusty little Zolo Halo has been chugging along since April with very few problems, however, I eagerly await new firmware and new features. Information about this little device is hard to find, neither the forums or the Anker phone support team seem to have much technical data.
For those of you that are curious about the current firmware situation but haven’t been able to get a clear response here’s my latest email exchange with Anker support:

1) What is the most current version of the firmware?

The “3.8.5806.128” is the most current version of the firmware.

2) Is Anker/Zolo still supporting this device by continued release of new updates?

Yes, we will continue to release new updates in future.

Hope it helps and if you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us.

May you have a nice day.:slight_smile:


Thanks for the update! I love my halo and use it every day in my office for music and quick tasks. Hopefully they will add phone call support and other echo features!

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You could check with support. They will be your best bet at getting the correct answers for your concerns.


Any news about new firmware updates and what they are going to bring?


I got this answer regarding the routines support:

As we need the support from the Amazon, we regret that we won’t upgrade the Zolo Halo speaker or add the features in the future. Apologize for our limitation on this part.


Hey! The Halo got an update to 4.0.6327.128 (20181127). It seems this update brings routines support (but I have to check more) but no all languages support… :man_shrugging:t3:

Hey Hector. I’ve just got a Halo and having some issues getting Spotify to play via Alexa voice controls. How do you check the firmware status, and is there any way to force a firmware update?



Sorry dor the late reply… but with the Christmas season…

In order to check the firmware version you have two choices:

  1. Through the Zolo Audio app. You select the gear on the speaker you want to check on, and then you click on Information, and almost at the end of the list you will have the firmware version.

  2. Through the Alexa App on your phone. You select the device you want to check on, and then on “About”, there you can check the firmware version (date) and serial number. Latest firmware’s date is 20181127 (27 of November of 2018), only the two latest firmwares show information there through the Alexa App, in prior versions this item was left blank.

In order to update the firmware, through the Zolo Audio app, selecting the gear on the device you want to update, select Information and choose the hours where the device you want to check for updates (you get a list with several time slots of three hours if I remember well). Once you have selected the time slot, mute your device, it’s just a matter of time that it gets the update from the servers. You will notice that the device is getting the update once the light turn orange. One it is updated you can unmute it.

Hope this helps!


Hey again!

And regarding the latest update, here is what support told me about the 4.0.6327.128 (20181127) version:

Really sorry for the inconsistent information provided.

In the beginning, we did don’t have a plan to update the firmware. We have updated the firmware as we care customer’s requirements.

The support for the Zolo Halo speaker is still on but we are sure whether it will have more updates in the future.
Currently, the updated firmware can resolve the following issues:

  1. Solve the problem of playing Avs Spotify, sleep timer does not work issue.
  2. There is no sound problem after loop on/shuflleon when playing the official Amazon music playlist.
  3. Security improvements.

We will see if more updates are coming and if new languages are going to be supported! It’s a pity that language support is on the Anker’s side and not on the Alexa Server’s side! :rolling_eyes:


I have just found that there is another app able to be used with the Zolo Halo, it is the MUZO Player (it looks the same as the Zolo App but in green instead of yellow), and it lets you to set Alexa in any language!!! I’m just happy to have found it!

I am able to speak in Spanish to Alexa!!! Great! I don’t know why Anker doesn’t update their app with this… It’s a pity.

Regards! :wink:

New firmware version today: 4.2.7205.128 (20190705).

The only problem now is that the yellow light keeps blinking all the time.

Will check the changelog.


UPDATE 17 July 2019 (as no more than 3 consecutive answers can be in the same thread):


I got the answer from the support service. The new version is only to improve personal privacy and security. So, still no support for Deezer, Drop-in functionality, or more languages for Alexa than English/German (if you use the Zolo Audio app [more languages available if you use other apps, as shown on previous posts]).

Oh, and the yellow ring blinking was a notification, I don’t know if this was already available earlier, but I think I have never received a notification up to now. Once the notification listened, no more blinking… Haha.

Will keep an eye on firmware updates… :slight_smile:


Since a few days ago, when I prompt Alexa with “Good morning”, she starts speaking, but suddenly the speech is cut off and the routine stops… Is this happening to anyone else? I also have an Echo Input and everything is working well on that one, so it seems an issue with Zolo Halo.

Regards :wink:


Since today, when a routine has the weather info in it, when the routine gets to that step, it stops playing. This is due to the changes made by Amazon on the weather skill. Hope there will be a firmware update to fix this.

Regards :slight_smile: