Zolo Halo - $30 (US, 3/27 - 3/29)

Zolo is discounting their Alexa-enabled smart speaker dibbed Halo.

Here are a few links worth mentioning.
Zolo Website (you can order here, but won’t get the deal in this case)
Amazon Listing

To get the discount, you must visit the Amazon listing, add Zolo Halo to your cart, and then apply code ZOLO6688.

Zolo also offers a smart speaker powered by Google Assistant called Mojo. Mojo is not available on Amazon due to bad relationships with Google, but you can order it via Zolo’s Website. (This sale does not apply)

Zolo will also be releasing Halo+ and Mojo+ speakers sometime before summer.

Let us know if you have one of Zolo’s smart speakers, or if you’re picking one up!


Now the price is more interesting but I will wait until I buy another smart assistant