Zolo Freedom Z2001 not charging


Recently I purchased some Zolo Liberty headphones. They were working fine all day, I charged them to full, used them, came home and noticed the charging case LEDs were blinking. I had no idea what was going on but I figured it wasn’t anything big. I put the headphones into the case and came back a few hours later to find they weren’t charged. The 3 LEDs on the front of the charging case keep blinking and the headphones charging lights don’t turn on when I put them in the case. Not sure what to do with the case? I don’t want to return them as I really like the sound on them, but I would also like my headphones to be chargeable. Anyone else have this issue?

I don’t know what the problem is. You may want to contact anker by email. If they’re still under warranty you can probably get a replacement.

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After you complete these steps I would place the buds back in the case and charge the headphones overnight.


I have the same problem. I bought them yesterday and today they don’t charge. I also had problems trying to pair them and the left one disconnect a lot too crying internally