Zolo brand?

So I came across the Zolo product, which I’ve not heard before… so when I researched about the brand, Anker is parent company of Zolo, and most of the product they offer is true wireless earphone. So Anker already have Soundcore for the audio products (i.e. bluetooth speakers and headphones/earphones), and what’s the point/reason for Anker to have two brand that might overlap?

Zolo was their original premium brand, which they jave branched off into Soundcore. Zolo still exist, but it may either just be until they finish the lroducts they have been working on or it will remain their premium more expensive line of products.


I thought that as well, but since they recently upgraded Liberty, which now it has 8hrs playback and 100 hrs with the case, it made me very confuse. I would think Anker would at lease rename to Soundcore instead of Zolo…

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