Zolo Anker Liberty Bluetooth Connection Immediate Disconnect

So I bought the new Anker Liberty (100 hours case) a couple of months ago and they’re working fine with my phone. I’ve started using them on my PC aswell but I always run into a problem.

The first time I used them they worked perfectly. I could pair them with one click and all was good. But after that it lead to a problem. Whenever I try to connect to the “paired” device it firstly connects and then immediately disconnects again.
The only fix I’ve found to this is completely remove the device from my paired list but that’s pretty annoying.

I’ve updated bluetooth drivers what sadly didn’t help.

What should I do to fix this?

You said you updated your bluetooth driver. How did you go about this? If you asked windows to do this it almost never helps. You have to go the the manufacturers website of the bluetooth chip and get the latest driver that way.

That’s what I’ve done.