Zero, what a great deal at

This is quite more than a “deal”.



Right, who wants to get me one for Christmas? lol

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You won a speaker from “Power Dream”.
You should play around with this one first! :wink:

Sounds like a plan!

Nice deal!!!

That is a crazy good deal! Wish we’d get a price like that, here in the U.K. for it

Sweet deal for our German friends :ok_hand:

Can currently snag one for £109.99 using the £70 off voucher :slightly_smiling_face:

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You can get this in UK.

Just click the link, and it takes you to the page, and buy … It’s free shipping to UK.

Now taking Ng into consideration being prime member, then it’s so worth free delivery!

Read the long photo!

I have checked it again.
There is ONE left, might me a trick. :joy:

I don’t trust any magic or luck, it has yet to be proven to work… Mind not even odds work like they used to. Or law of averages… Pah, Anker breaks all these. They are like new Einstein, but break laws instead of creating‽ :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Great deal! Thank you @Chiquinho for sharing