YouTube Creators PC or Mac configuration

Community I need help,

Like a lot of you saw, I posted a YouTube video. I had a hard time editing the video and I asume it has to do much with the laptop I have. If any of you edit videos will it be possible to share your configurations.

Currently I have 16GB Ram 16GB Optane Memory I7 8550 and 1T HDD

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There are multiple threads on Anker Community where this was discussed.

Below are some threads:

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Thanks, I guess I used the wrong key words and did not scroll down enough. I’m going to delete the post since there are previous post about it.


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Best of luck @tugar32

Look forward to seeing your videos on YouTube :thumbsup:

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Thanks, I’m trying to figure out how to delete a main post on mobile

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Not sure if you can delete the post ( have never attempted)

Moderator can close the thread.

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@cshenoy this was a very useful post. Nice work!

@tugar32 - Camtasia. It’s worth the price.


Topic closed as resolved.

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