Your New Year’s REVOLUTION | Share and WIN

2018 is almost upon us! Now is the time of year when people think about how they would like to improve themselves in the months ahead. We want to support our Anker fans as they seek to fulfill their resolutions, so we’re giving away gear specially chosen to help you meet your personal goals!

All you have to do to claim yours is share your main New Year’s Resolution in the comments below. We’ll pick 10 winners to receive a helping hand from Anker’s stockpile of innovations. What can you get? Well, that all depends on what your goals are:

Category 1: Expanding My Horizons
Examples: “I want to travel more.” “I want to spend more time outdoors.”
PowerCore II 10000: The ultra-compact portable charger with PowerIQ 2.0, keeps almost any of your devices running for days, without being tethered to the wall.
PowerPort Solar: Charge with the power of the sun, and remove the limitations on your weekend journeys.

Category 2: Building a Better Body
Examples: “I want to be more fit and active.” “I want to reach my goal weight.”
Eufy BodySense Smart Scale: The all-in-one intelligent scale that not only measures weight, but gives vital information about your health and well-being holistically, while tracking your progress too!
SoundBuds Curve: Our best-selling wireless earphones—ever. SoundBuds Curve has provided the soundtrack for thousands of fitness journeys… and yours is next.

Category 3: Organizing My Daily Life
Examples: “I want to spend more time with friends and family.” “I want to be better at keeping deadlines and appointments.”
Eufy Genie: The smart speaker that brings Amazon Alexa into your home. Let Genie manage your schedule, give you reminders, tell you the weather, news, and traffic reports…and so much more. Genie also interfaces with all other Alexa-compatible smart devices to control your home life with the power of your voice.

So what’s your revolutionary resolution, Anker fans? Let us know below, and let’s encourage and support one another to get 2018 started off right! Power on.


  1. Leave your 2018 New Year’s Resolution in the comments, and share it to your Facebook or Twitter. We will choose 10 winners and help make their goals happen!

  2. Event runs from December 29th, 2017 to January 7th, 2018.

  3. US, UK, Canada, and Germany only.

  4. Anker reserves the right of final explanation.


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New Year’s Resolution for 2018
I would like to travel more with my friends :airplane: :bullettrain_side: :ship:
so that I can see more of the world! :trophy:
and always have my friends around me. :slight_smile:


I want to be more fit and active because I not getting any younger and need to make sure I stay healthy as possible to watch my kids grow up.Too often do I see people passing away younger than expected due to health problems. Staying fit will atleast help in trying to keep my longevity with life more possible. Life is short…but anything you can do to enjoy it longer, do it!


I want to be mindful of my role as mother to my children, so that we enjoy the best possible quality of life…together :family_woman_boy_boy:


I want to get active and lose weight.

I’ve just started a tech/parenting blog and with a Daddy Blog, comes a Daddy Bod!

With two kids and a third on the way, I want to be able to take them out more and show them that being active and healthy can be easy.

I have a gym at work, which I haven’t used in about a year and I used to run a lot. This needs to change in 2018.

I need inspiration and motivation and having the right gear certainly helps with this!

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Really, I want and I NEED to be more fit and active because of my good health. After all the parties, I will take the first step. :swimmer: :bicyclist:


I want to travel more. I love the outdoors and I love hiking! You could say that the nature is my “human Anker charger”: I always come back recharged from a day-long hiking! :battery: :grin:

My goal for 2018 is to visit more provincial and national parks, hike new trails and make beautiful memories!

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I definitely need to work on my health and weight. I’ll be 40 on the 14th of January and have now been smoke free for about four years. I started smoking when I was sixteen, but once my dad passed away my mother quit cold turkey, so I followed suit. The problem with quitting cigarettes is your sense of taste and smell changes. After about three weeks I started eating everything. Now I’m trying to get a handle on it before this becomes my new problem.


My main goal is to lose weight and eat healthier. I got electrocuted in 2005 and had high blood pressure ever since, then in 2006 I had an Ischemic stroke. Ever since both those events happened it’s been a struggle to maintain and lose weight. I want to live, for my family and to watch and see my son grow up, so I Must Must lose this weight and start living a healthier fitter life. I cannot afford to kick the bucket, not when my son has his whole life to live ahead of him
This is me before I was electrocuted

This is me as of this past October…see Im fat and need to lose the weight. I can achieve this by being more active with my wife and son as well as getting out and stop procrastinating on the exercise. Sure I work two jobs, but less weight means more energy and I wouldn’t have to sleep as much as I currently do, thus also negating fat buildup with even more exercise


I am the least organized person…ever. This year I need to work on prioritizing my daily/weekly life!

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Hey @AnkerOfficial just for clarification. Share our post to Twitter or hit the twitter button you conveniently left under the entry rules? Also, thanks for the awesome contest! :smiley:

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My New Year’s resolution is to spend more time outdoors. I’ve always been more of an indoor person, but I feel that I’ve had so more fun with family and friends going outside than if we stayed inside and play video games. The problem is, most of the time, I only go outside when other people come to my house. When my family go outside and they ask me to go, I usually stay inside going on my computer or play video games. I’ve felt bad because I feel like I can create memories with my family if I just go outside with them.

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Let the crying begin as I start my quest to loose weight!

I have advanced arthritis of the hip
I am on the long list (2-3 years) for hip surgery and to be able to have it performed I will have to first loose about 20 lbs (rules for free surgery)

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I want to get outdoors more to get better scenery for photography. I love to take pictures with my Canon 7D and my DJI Phantom drone. I just need to travel more to get better / different shots. Also, a resolution of mine is to get up early to get more sunrise shots!


I think that this year I will try to be more social with friends, family, etc. :grin:


On the real tho, I have gained way too much weight after I got a gf. I know this is common but I let it happen and this is an awful feeling feel fat. I just feel big and slow and not fitting the clothes I once fit hurts my heart :frowning:

2018 will be the year I get back to the weight I once was when I started going out with my gf. This has to happen!!!

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My new years resolution is to get outdoors more. I recently started riding dirt bikes and learning how to fix it. So this spring I’m planning a day trip through some trails and lunch


I will try to be more open, helpful, and kinder to all that l meet.
Building A Better Body
I will try to be more active and fit

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WoW, I could do.all three!

God was never kind to my genetics! I think he broke the mold when he made me… Only trouble was, I was still in the fker! I’d love a new body, but that ain’t gonna happen, as no one will swap! I’d love a shiny new spine, one that’s not full of arthritis n trapped nerves n squashed discs. I’d also like new knees n hips n hands n wrists n elbows, oh n eyes that don’t need Gert lenses to read and new ear drums that’s aren’t half deaf, so I can enjoy music like I used to.

As for healthier me, i defo need to quit smoking. I’ve been since I was 6… Oops. My Mrs’s daughter is having a baby, and we both want to spend time with her (yes a.litrle girl due 1st may) but we been told we’ll need to be smoke free!

As for travel, I’d love to. I haven’t had a holiday since I was 14. Honest. I’ve been abroad a couple times, but always working where ever I’ve been. When I hopefully marry my fiancée next year, I hope we can have a nice honeymoon (somewhere hot n dry would be nice, also quite flat, as hilly ground knackers my back n knees).

I’d also like a new TV, so don’t spend 5 mins pressing the standby button on the TV to get it to.turn on.

I’m not a sob story, it’s a real story, not glamorous or sexy, just honest n quite brutal at times.

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