Your Music... But Better

Ever get the feeling your music has the potential to sound better? We do. Or at least, we did. But then we met SoundCore 2. Now, our beats are being pushed to the max, our tracks our tuned to perfection, and even Siri sounds :fire:.

SoundCore 2 is the enhanced and improved successor to our best-selling Bluetooth speaker ever. It delivers the richest, most intense sound we’ve ever heard from a speaker of its size, and we’re determined to give everyone the chance to hear it.

To make it easier to get SoundCore 2’s luscious audio down your ears, we’re reducing the price to a tiny $31.99 (20% off) from February 18th to March 5th. Stock is limited though, so we recommend jumping over to Amazon before they’re all taken and you’re left listening to your dad play the spoons.

If that isn’t enough to set your mouse clicking, screen-tapping fingers dancing over to Amazon, then how about even more features:

  • Dual 6W full-range drivers, precision tuned for clarity and heart-pounding intensity
  • Hard-hitting bass thanks to exclusive BassUp™ technology
  • Massive 24-hour playtime (we are Anker after all)
  • IPX5-rated water-resistance

But don’t just take our word for it, some SoundCore 2 listeners have been kind enough to leave praise on Amazon:

Jules Stark:
‘Worth the hype! Sound quality is fantastic…’

L. Sherwood:
‘This is an EXCELLENT small Bluetooth speaker that will not disappoint - Anker does it again!’

Or simply click here to read all the reviews that gave SoundCore 2 its average rating of 4.6/5.
So what are you waiting for? Give your music the best gift possible: play it the way it wants to be played.

(20% OFF) Anker SoundCore 2
Regular price:$39.99
Deal price: $31.99
Promotion period: February 21st - March 5th


Waaaant! :smiley:

I entered for this on the powerdraw, hopeful for a win. It’s a great speaker to use outdoors during the summer so if I don’t win I’ll have to grab one


Yeah I entered for it too. :slight_smile: I have the previous version. But I’d Never say no to an upgrade lol

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Great deal on a great speaker! :thumbsup:

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great deal!!! :heart_eyes:

I want onew fo freeeeee please

Oh man, I should not be spending money right now but damn is that tempting.

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How many tickets did you enter? So I might have a chance

If you click on the “Enter Drawing” button, you can see how many entries there are at any given time.

I love this speaker! My absolute favorite wireless speaker that I own

Will there be a SoundCore 3?

:heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes: I am in love!! THAT’S HOT

1 so far, but may go all in…not sure I still have til tomorrow to decide

Anything can happen here!:sunglasses:


ugh already have too many but it’s so tempting

Not a bad price, water resistance is important, especially since people like to listen to music by the pool. I need one! Hope I win one before my trip!


Ive just put a few more entries in on the Power Draw. It would go so well with my love of Liverpool :ok_hand:


Neeeeed one! nice deal!