Your Mobile Game Recommendations

“Delete Words With Friends. Forget Flappy Bird. And for goodness’ sake, get rid of Candy Crush. These are the mobile games you want on your phone.”

I’m a bit embarrassed to admit that I was once addicted to Flappy Bird and Candy Crush… And a little more proudly, I can say that I indulge in somewhat more sophisticated games now, thanks to the recommendations of a good friend of mine. Now I want to pay it forward and share my favorite mobile games with all of you!

If you like puzzle games, I would recommend Broken Age. It features exquisite animation and an engaging storyline. During the game you interact with many charming and colorful characters in order to figure out the mystery of the world the two main protagonists live in.

As for quick-fix time-killers, there are tons of them. So, I’ll recommend just one: 1010! It’s very simple, yet surprisingly addictive.

This last one has been around for a while, but it’s still a favorite of mine. My coworkers and I enjoy trying to assemble the best decks to become the office champion! I’m talking, of course, about Hearthstone.

So, are you a fan of mobile gaming? Hit me up with your favorite games, and I’ll get back to you in a week with some tips to help me stop procrastinating! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I don’t have much time for gaming because I’m floating around here and Facebook to much. I’ll definitely have a look at them though and see if these can get me interested.

I done Candy Crush for ages. Done my head in after a while because I couldn’t catch my brother lol

My wife is constantly playing with Idle Balls (No pun intended) :joy:
My kids play MineCraft and ROBLOX


Don’t often play games on the phone but I do occasionally like to have a round of Angry Birds or Tipping Point / The Chase, the latter ones being app versions of UK quiz shows. Gives me my daily dose of brain management / trivia, even if it does repeat sometimes…

I like adventure/puzzle type games, I’ve played Myst, Riven, The Room series, XON series to name a few. I’m currently playing The House of Da Vinci on ipad - great graphics and many puzzles to solve :slight_smile: Also into flight sims such as Aerofly, X-Plane etc. My favorite quick pickup and play game is Wordament. Just need more time to play them all…

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Battle Bay is the only game on my phone, and it’s great !

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Everyday when I get home. Mrs got the chase on. I do like it too. She proper loves a quiz game show lol

I play hearthstone, 8 ball pool, and my favorite CSR racing 2

I likes Threes for spending time on commute. Of course, over time, I’ve got better and basically no game is finished by the time I get to work anymore… :sweat_smile:

I’m still addicted to Pokemon Go! But I justify playing it by saying that it helps me get my exercise in… :sweat_smile:


The only game that I play is HR Battle 2. I am addicted to that game.

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8 ball pool its very addictive

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I’ve never really played man games on my phone, but right now I have Disney Emoji Blitz and Domino Drop that I play regularly. I also have Disney Crossy Road, but it hasn’t updated since July and I’m getting ready to uninstall it.

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Clash Royale by far is the best, ive been addicted to the game since it was released here in the U.S i cant even remember how long its been but im guessing close to 3 years now.


The original Plants vs. Zombies was one of the first mobile games on the market. A solid Tower Defense game with an original concept and excellent programming, this game is still one of the best around. It’s now been spun off into another TD Game and two third-person shooters for console, none of which were as good as the original. It’s funny this thread started today, because I just re-played adventure mode last week. i think it’s the best tower defense game ever.

iTunes store:

Google Play:

Another favorite of mine is Smash Hit, which is a live-action moving target game where you throw marbles at obstacles and upgrades. The music is great and the gameplay is fun and engaging. It’s also quite pretty to look at:

Google Play:

ITunes Store:

There is also the VR version of this game, which is amazing if you have a headset. I played it on a Gear a few months ago and, while much harder than the mobile multi-touch version, it’s a lot of fun:

KETCHAPP has made a lot of fun puzzle games… I prefer Ballz & Falling Ballz.

Recently, I been hooked on playing (hide & seek). I am also a fan of

Yup, forgot about Pokeman Go. My son is the reason we all play that, except I’m almost level 30 and he’s still level 22 along with my wife. I also have a full gen 1 pokedex except for mew and mew two.

The game that I find myself playing on my iPhone most is Trism. So addicting. Sometimes, I find myself playing it for so long that my eyes burn :stuck_out_tongue: But for my iPad, I like playing World Chef. I play that everyday on my iPad.

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I second Broken Age, as it’s a Tim Schafer/DoubleFine game, which is enough for me. Also the Star Wars Old Republic Games and ChronoTrigger (an SNES all time favorite) or any of the Final Fantasy games make great mobile pickups.

Haha, although as a girl, I also like to play adventure type games, it’s very exciting!:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: