Your friend has given you £30 for your birthday, what do you buy?!

hey! broke student here who made £30 helping a friend with work. i need ideas on what to buy. i have amazon prime, so would prefer if the anker products were from amazon rather than this website.


All depends on what you want to do. I always have an external battery on me wherever I go. The Power Core Mini is awesome because it is compact (my wife keeps hers in her purse for emergencies) and everyone seems to run out of battery at some point. If you get into items like the Power Core 10000, they are a lot heavier, but have more charge for multiple devices. Cables are a must for sure, I have the 1ft for ym car and portable chargers because I see they charge quicker when shorter. A 4 port USB hub is nice as well, especially if your friend has a Mac because they give more powered USB slots than what is onboard the computer itself. Hope this helps!

Me personally? I’d get this

But that is such a subjective question; it depends on what you want.

i’ve had one of these before, i think i prefer warm lamps that dimly light the room if im honest! thanks for the suggestion though, in terms of being a bright, quality lamp it was excellent.

Love your train of thought and the first thing you’ve considered to purchase… I believe the idea would be to select a product which best suits your needs and within the price range. granted not everything is $30.00 or £30 so you may end up paying more for that items/gift. But it will be worth it.

In other words I’ve based my decision on our travel & photography needs. It must be small and be an alternative power or recharging source at the time of need. In this respect the Powercore mini should suit us because of it’s versatility. Using it not only as a power back up… adding several USB type options (Small LED) it then become a small flash light.

Consider your options and how often you’ll need the power source by your side.