Your Free Super-Strong Cable

Hi, Anker fans!

Are you tired of cables fraying, breaking, and failing to charge after using them for a while? No matter what time of the day it is or where you are—when you need a charge, it’s a necessity. Without a working charging cable, you’re left with the wonderful options of having to borrow, search everywhere for a spare, or run to the store to pick up yet another cheap cable; a waste of your time, energy, and money.

We’ve tested dozens of cables in our quest to make the very best, and we believe that our PowerLine series is the answer. Subjected to rigorous laboratory testing to ensure maximum durability, each and every PowerLine cable is built to be one of the longest-lasting, most reliable cables you’ll ever use.

We’re so proud of this achievement that we’re giving away 1,000 PowerLine cables for free. If you haven’t gotten on board with our cablelution (that’s cable + revolution…never mind) yet, there’s no time like today!

For your chance to win, all you have to do is head over to our event page (UK, Germany) and enter your email address. If you’re one of our randomly selected winners, we’ll send you an email asking you for a picture of our old cable that needs to be replaced (we know you have one sitting around just begging for retirement!). Then, we’ll send you your brand new PowerLine based on whether you need USB-C, Lightning, or Micro USB.

If you enter this time but aren’t selected as one of our winners, don’t worry! We’ve got discount codes for up to 25% of for everyone who enters.

To check out the full rules for this event and get your name in to win, click on over now:

US event page.

UK event page.

Germany event page.

Power On!


Thanks for another great giveaway. I hope many community members can win one.


Good giveaway @AnkerOfficial …are there plans to show some of the more interesting photos your requesting (like the cat / dog / mouse chewed versions) :grin:


I actually just threw out an old iPhone lightning cable because the internal wiring was all exposed and frayed. It’s not the only one like that around the house either. I hope we get to see all the torn up cables that get submitted. It’s fun to see what these things go though. :smiley:

Thanks for the chance and giveaway, @AnkerOfficial!

Nice give away! I’m sure I have a parrot chewed one somewhere… :smile_cat:


Already entered! Pick me! Pick me! lol thanks #Anker and @AnkerOfficial

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I wasn’t aware parrots were into chewing stuff… :astonished:

I don’t need one to replace my old cable, but I do need another to leave plugged into my smartcharge f0. It’s so bothersome to switch them around all the time.


For some reason my lightning cables seem to have legs and run away from me. It’s amazing how they somehow “disappear”.

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great giveaway !!:heart_eyes:


I wonder if this is what I posted the other day illudes to?

I’ve entered and would so love to win. Also want/need a 4" usb-c lead, for when the powerbank arrives (getting the newer 20,000 version).

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Another awesome giveaway. My birthday is the day after winners are announced so hopefully I can snag one. Although I’ll probably just give it away myself.

Good luck everyone.

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Parrots chew everything! They are known as toddlers with a can opener on their face for good reason :smile_cat:

Luckily I only have a little can opener :blush: but she does love plastic…


It is a super cable.


Good luck for everybody :four_leaf_clover:

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Good luck all!

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My powerline cable is almost insanely durable. Good luck everybody.


If you’re not sure about birds chewing on cables, watch the Crazy Russian Hacker on the Powerline+ II. His bird (spoiler) can’t bite through it.

@AnkerOfficial, thanks again for yet another giveaway. They are lots of fun!


Good luck everyone!

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Hope I win :smiley: Good luck everyone!