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We’ve been up and running now for over five years. Since we’ve just undergone a massive Anker Upgrade, we want to take a look back at the stories of those who have been with us for a while now.

What was your first encounter with an Anker product like? Which year did you decide to become a Power User? Which of our events have you participated in here on the forum? Which was your favorite?

If you can think back to when you first discovered Anker, or a wonderful Anker-related memory that you have, please share your story with us.

We’re exchanging your most awesome story with PowerBucks, which you can use in PowerDraw to get your hands on some incredible weekly prizes.

Prize 1: 100 bucks ( *1 )
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Prize 3: 20 bucks ( *3 )

We look forward to hearing from you in the comments below! ::sunglasses::

Storytime runs from August 2nd to August 6th
The winners will be announced on the Anker Community on August 7th.
Anker reserves the right of final explanation.

Winner Announcement:

So today is the day! We are finally announcing the winner of our Story Contest!

We’d like to say a big thanks to everyone for participating! It has been a great pleasure receiving your heartwarming stories, they were all amazing!

And now we’d like to congratulate the winners:

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My first time discovering anker was when I was looking for a micro USB cable on Amazon end up getting sent the wrong order emailed customer service and I liked how they handled my problem and fell in love with the products and i really love how anker cables last longer then the Apple lightning cables


My first time ever getting an Anker product was when I was looking for a case for my phone and happened to stumble upon an Anker portable charger somehow and that was my first time seeing a portable charger for electronics. I clicked add to cart and the rest is history. I have been a loyal Anker customer ever since buying everything from cases to screen protectors to cables. And most recently portable chargers. I have made many people trust and believe in Anker along the way as well by either giving them one of my own personal chargers or cables or letting then know when a particular product they show interest in is available on sale. I do not recall when I joined as a power user and that’s something I wish @Ankerofficial can tell me as I would love to know now how long I have been a member :grin:


My first time with Anker,
I remember it was an unpleasant evening.
I was waiting in the cinema lobby an hour before my movie started and discovered my phone was dead. “Uh oh.” :sob:
I had nothing to do, so I walked around the lobby. At the ticket counter, there was an Anker Box, so I rented a power bank. A feeling of relief washed over me.After the movie was over, my phone was fully charged!!:zap:
From the on, I remembered the brand name: Anker


“ma première fois”

I have used some kind of modern technology since 1979 which was a radio and I hotwired an external 6V battery I got from old temporary street lighting.

Inside one of these lights

Was one of these

So this was my first “Powercore”. These would operate a radio for a few weeks.

This was a massive upgrade from the predecessor

Which on a windy night would blow out.

Trying to wire your own electronics is a humbling experience and makes you appreciate good design of electronics.

My first “iPad”:

Note I never quite had enough money to buy the printer shown.

I slowly worked my way up through the technology, so for example here is my 2011 “iPhone” with a “Powercore Mini”

My first intersection with Anker would probably have been:

(which I still like having the small torch built-in, ahhh, happy days)

I still own two of these and they still work!

There are plenty of brands, some which still exist now and some which don’t which I had before and during and they stopped working earlier. This is why Anker is of such interest. The key things for Anker:

  • the products tend to keep working. This really matters because if you spend the time (and some money) to seek out to get a power backup, it should work when you need to fall back and rely on it.
  • if they fail, which in my experience is rare, the effort to get support resolution is, relative to others, a lot easier, often a day or two at most.
  • once you can prove beyond a reasonable doubt the product has failed, a free replacement sent out, without need to spend time and money to post back the original part. I do put myself in the mind of the Anker support and proactively offer reasonable evidence of effort to try to avoid common obvious causes. I know all about PEBKAC.

So from > 40 years of technology experience, the key for me has been to allow to reach back into the mind of the designer of the product and give grounded feedback and direction, so when Anker made this forum we are in now, I have used it to attempt to guide Anker and help any who come here for support.

I have been rewarded in the likes of competitions. I have won:

  • Anker Soundcore XL
  • Anker Powercore 5000
  • Anker E1 light
  • Anker Soundcore Nano
  • 50% discount off Anker Powercore 26800
  • and others probably I can’t now remember.

So what do I use all of these for? Well I mostly give it for free to friends, family, to point them in a direction towards generally useful and quality so they don’t have to stumble fumble through brands and bad quality alternatives. I’m that guy sat next on the train when your phone goes flat I say “keep it” when I offer to recharge your phone.

Probably the item I keep coming back to is the Powercore 10000. That is the most sublime convergence of design I have encountered in a long time, a good balance of “just enough” with “not too much” and I put that in a review competition for which I was honored to win an LC40 torch and 21W solar panel due here tomorrow!


I originally discovered Anker after researching the best small power banks. The PowerCore+ mini caught my eye because of its attention to detail and minimalist design.

I then hopped over to Anker’s website and discovered two more products I wanted: PowerDrive 2 and iPhone 6 screen protector. I ordered all three Anker products on Amazon.

When the blue and white boxes* arrived, I instantly knew that this would be the first of my many Anker purchases to come on. That impression continued throughout the entire unboxing experience and after I started using the high quality products every day.

Funny story, I was also looking at lightning cables from Anker, but ended up going with a 3-pack I came acrosss on Amazon for just $11. I was brand new to the Apple ecosystem and didn’t know anything about MFi certification, but let’s just say I really wished I had just paid a bit more and went with the Anker cables.

Right after discovering the Power User program, I knew that I wanted to be a part of the cool kids club :sunglasses: but I didn’t successfully apply until earlier this year!

I have participated in nearly all of the events here in the forums since the launch of the Power Station. My favorite one by far was the opening launch giveaway: “Points Win Prizes,” mainly because there was a good chance for everone to win big prizes. This encounter convinced me even more to devote my time helping people out in the Anker Community. You can always ask me a question :wink::grinning:

Will this new packaging change more than just the new logo?!


June 13, 2013. I was looking for a powered usb hub to use with my HTPC. Read reviews and went with Anker. Still kicking after all these years. Of course now my house is filled with Anker cables, batteries, Alexa devices, Bluetooth speakers, vacuums and headphones. My truck has Anker phone mounts, dash cams, phone chargers, jump starters and cables and my travel trailer has Anker desk lamps, vacuums, oil difuser, usb chargers and cables. Anker is also in my pocket everyday via the phone case and screen protector. If you guys weren’t so good, i’d be a little freaked out how much you have become a part of my daily life


My Anker journey started in 2014 when I was gearing up for festival season and needed a power source that would last me a few days while away each weekend. I worked as festival security and I had spent the previous festival season trying to find plug sockets whilst out and about and sometimes having to stay awake at the end of shifts so you could charge your phone in the campsite communal space instead of sleeping.

I stumbled across the Anker Astro E4. I chose it because it could charge my phone several times, it had 2 ports (1A and 2A which meant I could fast charge my phone) and I could help others out too and a little torch which was great in the tent. It was perfect. I still have it now but use my powercore’s most of the time.

Since that moment, I knew there was no other brand of products I would buy. Shortly after (June 2014) I won a Facebook competition and won an Anker 40W 5 port charger and lightening cable. I do love a competition :grin:

I bought another 5 port and the charging station as a present to myself for Christmas that year too and whilst writing my first review I discovered the Power User program. Wow. My mind was blown. I could get to keep things i really love and wanted to play with in return for testing and reviewing. In Jan 2015 I was accepted and I quickly worked out when the best time to check the website was to see If new products had been added to test :yum:

On the old forum, Power buck were awarded and you could get something off a list for them. I think everyone was just saving them up for the big prizes haha
I’ve taken part in a few competitions on the Power Station and won a few things too. Anker is amazing at rewarding their customers and their loyal army of fans.
I’m not a total freeloader. I do buy things too lol

What I also love is that you can recommend their products to your friends safe in the knowledge you will not be let down by the product or the service. I love it and get excited everytime I do it. Lots of friends and family now always use Anker products.

Keep up the good work guys and I’m loving the new Power Draws too xx


I first became aware of Anker when looking for some replacement cables for an iPhone. The Lighting cable that came with the product had a very short life span! I had stupidly bought some replacement ones from a Pound shop, believing that all cables would do the job. How wrong was I!

I then Googled ‘Lighting cables’ and in that search came across Anker. I visted Amazon and saw overwhelming positive reviews of their products and was fortunate to visit the page when an offer was on, so purchased two cables. That was about 3 years ago. To date, the cables still work perfectly having outlasted the Apple cables that accompanied the various products I have bought from them.

I regularly recommend Anker products to my friends and have over the years purchased an array of Anker products PowerPort 4 Lite, PowerCore 10000, an iPhone 6s+ potective phone case and a handy torch. What I love about Anker products besides their competitive pricing is the beautiful and sleek design. This makes them attractive accessories to the hi-tech products that they are designed for. Their products are functional, well designed and last.

Travelling abroad on regular occasions if I have to pick one product that I highly rate it would have to be the PowerPort 4 Lite. The ability to simultaneously charge a few products at the same time makes for an altogether much easier life and the fact that it comes with an EU adaptor besides a UK plug makes it a perfect travel companion.

In the future whenever I need an accessory, the first place I look is the Anker website, for me if they have the product I need then it’s a no brainer. I’ll buy it without any hesitation knowing that there is a whole network of brilliant customer service waiting to offer you support in the unlikely event tht you need help.

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My first interaction with Anker was back in April 2013. I had started to travel a lot more with work, and personally. I went through a stage of changing phones quickly, and was fed up of buying different spare batteries each time I changed phones! So I thought, there must be a better way of doing this.

A quick search on Amazon brought en the lovely Anker Astro 3E!

It got lots of very nice reviews, I loved the fact I could charge both my own phone and the work phone at the same time, and it was small enough to slip into a pocket. So I bought it.

Since my first week with it, I realised what an amazing little thing it was. I loved the feeling of being free from the plug sockets on trains and cafes!
When ever I saw someone looking feverishly around for a plug and failing, I’d offer them it for 20min to give them a little boost. Most of them were in shock that something like this existed, and amazed that it actually worked! I have had lots of wonderful conversations with people by doing this. From exchange students on their way home to a nurse who missed a train to meet her son and who’s phone had ran out an hour previously. One of my favourite conversations like this was sat outside Covent Gardens in London on a beautiful Summers day listening to a busker playing a Sheng (Chinese pipe instrument). I noticed a teenager (probably around 16 years old) walking around looking agitated. When he waked past me again I asked if everything was ok. At which point he said he was meant to phone his mum when he got to the square so she could come meet him, but he had been playing games on his phone on the tube and run the battery down… And didn’t know her mobile number off hand. So I told him to sit down, chill, and pulled my Anker out so he could get some life back into his phone (thankfully his phone took the same cable as mine!).
Once he had gotten enough charge to be able to phone, he stayed sitting with me until his mum arrived. Turns out this was the first time they had met in 5 years since his parents separated. :astonished: So I was very happy to have helped out in that situation!

I’ve also been accused of hacking because of it a few times too! I once plugged it in to wifi access point that had a spare USB port on the back of it. The Anker needed a little boost for my 2hr train journey home, and I knew I would be in this room for the next 4hrs.
The speaker though this little black box with blinky lights was going to steal all his information and hijack everyone’s phones… :astonished:

My Astro3E is still going strong even now. It mostly lives at work now, as a back up for if I am expectantly away from my desk for a while, or there is a power cut. My carry around Ankers are now a PowerCore 20k and a little PowerCore Mini+ depending on the situation.

Over the past 4 years I have bought many more Anker products, both for myself and for friends and family. I’ve never been disappointed in any of them. I always recommend them when someone is looking for battery packs or cables. Usually people come back and thank me for the recommendations as they end up just as pleased as I am with Anker!


Anker, was not a thing to me when I first needed power, back in 2012 a tropical storm named sandy destroyed everything for miles around where I lived. The storm wasn’t not the worst part, they called it perfect conditions, first the full moon brought the tides up causing flooding and total destruction of beaches and homes. The next day the Long Island Power Authority announced bankruptcy meaning nothing would be fixed. Soon after 3 days there was no gasoline and credit cards could not be used due to lack of gas. It was terrible not knowing what was happening, no cable TV, no charge in the iPhone 4 at the time only a small battery radio that had local radio. The best thing that happened was knowing the national guard was coming, when they gave out MREs and gas it was great, A couple even had portable batteries, some brands were talked about and everyone wanted them, I could have sworn I heard Anker in their but soon forgot about it. The two weeks of hell ended when power was finally restored thanks to other states lending crews out. Then after all was fixed we got snow :cry:

4 years later browsing the internet I found Anker the most trusted brand on the internet. A year after, I found the greatest forum also.

Thanks Anker for allowing me ti know the next hurricane I have months of charge thanks to a bunch of 20100+ USB-C chargers! When those 60W PD batteries come out I will be set with my Laptop too!!! Thanks for being the company that stands by its customers in their time of need.


Let’s do it!!! :muscle:

You joined the community since last September.:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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Thanks for joining the Anker family!:hugging:

It’s a very heartwarming story. Thanks for sharing with us!:clap::hugging:

I’m very appreciated that you’d like to spend your time to help the community growing up!

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Wow, thanks for always accompany with us!:hugging:

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Thank you my friend, we hope that more people will join us to experience the innovation.:hugging: