Your first games console

I’m curious to know what was your first games console? (If you’ve had one of course) for me it was when I was about 14/15 years old and it was the Nintendo 64 with Duke Nukem 64.

After that I moved to PlayStation and still have my PS1, PS2, PS3 along with my PS4. I still have the original PSP from 2005 I think it was. I’m a bit of a console hoarder! :joy:


First it was my Nintendo DS Lite then a PS2

I never had one. :sob:

But I remember when I got an ATARI ST with a graphic interface, there were some simple games I could play (shhht … it was in the office!!!).
The UNIX-System we run in those days, there were NO games. (Serious science only! :slight_smile:)
A friend of mine had a Commodore 64, as far I remember he could play some games too.

Atari 2400…those were the days. Then Atari 2800,Nintendo, Super Nintendo, PlayStation, PlayStation 2,3,4 and Xbox one s. Currently have PS4 and Xbox one S. But now with two kids they collect dust. Oh I forgot about sega Dreamcast that too and psp and gameboy


Atari cartridge console in the late 80’s / early 90’s when I was about 9 (can’t remember the number except it was stolen in a burglary)…

…replaced a year later by a Commodore Amiga 64…used to get seriously use with Putty and Crash Test Dummies :grin:


Had a ZX Spextrum when I was about 10 and then
Sega Master Sytem
Sega Mega Drive
And now recently got an X Box. I’m not a big gamer as such. I like a platform game or puzzle game but the kids have gone Minecraft crazy so it’s theirs really.

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My first console was the original Nintendo. I remember waking my parents up at 1:00am that Christmas morning! :joy:

I played the first Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles game for hours in all of its 8-bit glory!


Never had a games console - been on PC since day one. Still waiting to graduate and build my own…

My dad bought an NES, SNES, and Game Boy before me and my brother were born. We played them a lot but our first console bought in my life was the N64. Then we got a PS2 shortly after. After I bought a Vita in 2012, I stopped getting any consoles.

Hmm, if you’re just asking about consoles, then it was the Sega Genesis. If you open up the definition to anything that plays video games, then the Vic 20. I used to code my own games - well, there were magazines like Byte that posted free source code for games which I would then input.

The only one which I had was the Gameboy pockets which I got when I was 6 from my aunt. The only game I owned was Pokemon fire red.

Being a child of the 80’s and having an older brother that was into computers, my first few consoles were hand me downs. I remember having a Commodore 64, a ZX Spectrum, an Atari, Vectrex, NES, and Sega Master system. For those that had the Spectrum or Commodore, my fav game was Dizzy :slight_smile:

My first console that was bought for me was either the SNES or Mega drive, I’d prob lean more towards it being the Mega drive.
That was beginning and I went on to have
PlayStation 1,2,3 and 4
Xbox, Xbox 360
Sega Saturn
Game boy

The worse thing about seeing how many consoles I’ve had is the fact that I know I still have most of them stashed away somewhere :joy:


My first system was an old Atari 2600 and we still have it. But I don’t think it still works. It sat in the attic for over 10 years in the Texas heat, then for 7 years in a outbuilding on our property and then another 3 years in our horse stables (at least its in a rubber made storage box.

My second system was the original Nintendo followed by the Super Nes.

I also had a Sega Dream Cast and Nintendo 64 and PS1. After that the systems got to expensive so I just played computer games and played consoles at my friend’s house.


My first game system was the original Nintendo. Oh, those were the days. I remember anxiously waiting to get out of school so I can go home and play on it. Years later, I got the Playstation 1 and was sooooo hooked on gaming. Darn you Crash Bandicoot!!! I remember staying up until the wee hours of the morning and even sleeping on the living room floor. As of now, I have the Playstation 2. I haven’t had the need or desire to upgrade to the latest Playstation. Probably because I entertain myself with iOS games. If I had to upgrade my PS2, I wouldn’t know which to upgrade to since there’s been so many versions out after mine. And besides that, I remember that games were pretty expensive. Don’t know if I want to go thru all that again.

PS1. PS2 later

I’m old enough to say so.ething like a BBC, IR spectrum or similar… In the kids home we had that thing in the 70s, that plugged I to the TV to play pong!

I’ve never had a console of any shape, but I did used to play on a friend’s… It’s the one for GOLDENEYE, James Bond. I loved that game and it was the only one I was Deliberately good at. Yes I’d win several games of streetfighter (random spasmodic tapping of buttons more than anything).

Somehow I was good at Goldeneye, don’t ask how, I’m not sure… Plus it was bloody years ago!

I think the only TV type gadget I’d want now, is either the Samsung DX (or similar, where i dock my S8 and have it mirrored on the TV) or it would one of them Google things! Don’t let my technical knowledge put you off.

As an 80s child I remember playing games at other kids house or even my cousins as we never had our own. But when the original Nintendo came out, Christmas that year when me and my sisters opened it we flipped out lids haha. You could not get us off that console as we played through the night, went to school and back on it again taking turns. When other consoles came out I still played the nintendo. It wasn’t until Playstation 2 came out that I brought it, usually my uncle would buy all the newest game systems but he held off saying it cost too much. So I was the first in the family to have ps2 and eventually ps3. I currently still have my ps2, ps3, wii, and my wife’s xbox.

My son has the psp,game boy, game boy color,psp vita.

All of us computer game now so they don’t get used that often.


Never had a games console too…

I only play some mobile games.:joy:

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Ooh I just remembered we had coleco vision and atari as well as a comodore. We had these at my grandmother’s house at my mom wouldn’t let us have at game system in ours, until Nintendo came out and those other game systems are long gone now

What mobile games do you play @AnkerOfficial?