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Time sure does fly. 2017 went by faster than I could believe, and before I knew it, it was time to get back to work.

I basically spent the first day of 2018 relaxing at home. But I did get to spend New Year’s Eve with my family, watching one of those countdown TV specials for a little while before heading out for some food and drinks with friends (I gave up on the TV show…too many commercials!).

This is something you may not have seen before. We call it a “brazier grill.” It gets pretty cold in the southern part of China during the winter. In the old days, there were very few forms of artificial heat, so we would use braziers like this to stay warm—and cook food while we’re at it!

Okay, back on track now…on the first day of 2018, I got up at about 10 am, checked my messages and social media accounts, then had lunch.

I spent the afternoon relaxing and watching a movie…before I knew it, it was time for dinner! I started to get anxious about the holidays coming and going—it feels like I’ve wasted them doing nothing!

So, in the last few hours of the day, I sat down to write out my to-do list for 2018.

My New Year’s Resolutions:

  1. Read 15 books.
  2. Watch 20 movies.
  3. Lose 10 pounds.
  4. Learn how to play guitar/ukulele.
  5. Run regularly (at least once a week).
  6. Travel to a foreign country.
  7. Receive an outstanding performance review at work.

After writing down my plan, I immediately went out for a 40-minute run, which felt great! I just know that making progress on the other items on my list is going to be very rewarding as well.

How was your first day of the new year? What plans do you have for the rest of 2018? Share your thoughts and experiences with us here, and we’ll choose 3 replies (with the most likes) to receive 100 PowerBucks.

Happy New Year, Anker fans!:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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My first day was spent waking up to -22 degrees

had to be at work by 7 and ended up being a little late due to the car not wanting to stay running since it was so cold. After that I worked until about noon time, me and my wife had lunch at Denny’s, they were so packed because of the cold that people were waiting up to an hour just to have a hot meal. We ended up taking our food home so other people could have our table.
Once home I helped my step father get his work van unstuck from the snow, he had 2 weeks off so it got buried and the tires were frozen to the ground.

Played Monopoly Mario with my son and wife, then we had dinner and all sat down to watch a movie.
All in all it was a great day


I slept all day. It was great!
(Such is the life of a permanent midnight worker)


My resolution for this year is to start a healthier life, healthy eating and daily exercises.
Today I woke up and performed a series of physical activities. It was not easy to take the first step, but I have already started and I am proud to try


Went out and walked our dog :slight_smile:


I spent the first day of 2018 sleeping in, then doing a quick workout and visiting family for lunch. I’m going to try to close all my exercise rings on my Apple Watch every day this year!


Happy New Year All

I spent the whole day with my 2 girls on a full Xbox binge hahaha
Firstly we played Forza 7. I had trouble teaching the girls to drive in a straight line though hehehe it was like watching one of those film reels of drunks behind the wheel :confused:

Then we hit Minecraft Story Mode. Man that takes some time to get through. We did 4 episodes taking breaks for dinner (lunch) and tea (dinner) before I packed them off to their room so me and the wife could watch the World Darts Final. Big shame Phil “The Power” Taylor didn’t win his last ever match but fair play to Rob Cross. He took him apart.

Bring on 2018. Toda, back at work and checking in here periodically :grin:


I was off work so I slept in, had breakfast and then relaxed catching up on my shows and playing connect 4 with my daughter then I got a call about doing a New Year’s Day photo shoot for a family. I did the shoot, got paid and came back home. For 2018 I plan to

  1. lose 20 lbs
  2. read 10 books
  3. get more Anker gear
  4. get a new car
  5. get a raise at work

(Btw I have never seen those brazier grills before. looks interesting.)



After a rather busy New Years Eve party, I was extremely tired yesterday! After falling asleep embarrassingly early last night it’s a good job my PowerCore Powerbank was charged because I’d fallen asleep and not plugged my phone in! Absolute crisis! The morning commute wasn’t as dreary after all.

All I can say is I hope this isn’t how the rest of the year will go! I’m sure there’ll be some exciting new products to buy from Anker as well aha…

Now I’m sat at work writing this and probably should be trawling through my 100’s of emails sat waiting for me from over the festive period!

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I slept till 2:30 as it was too painful to open my eyes, seems someone was jabbing them with tiny forks. Damn champagne toast destroyed me again. Spent the rest of the day on the couch in the fetal position.
My hope for 2018 is to build my new business up by 10% and also to spend more time with my siblings and my immediate family. Happy New Year!


Chinese food for lunch with my mother and wife… My wife drove back on the way home, so I was on the Anker forum for a lil bit haha… Caught 2 episodes of Black Mirror season 4 when we got home.

How is that show? It’s been sitting in my Watch List for awhile.

I got up (not too early) and headed to the San Diego Zoo with one of my closest friends. We walked around, took in the new exhibits, and I realized just how out-of-shape I am right now. After calling it a day there, I came home & just relaxed until it was time to head to the airport to pick up my neighbor and his daughter.

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Life changing…

Woke up to a great Breakfast, then spent an hour Trampolining with my family son of 4 and Daughter almost one. Following that went for a nice lunch and walk in a country park with the family.

Great way to start the new year.

Live healthier
Give a little back to everyone around regardless of who they are
Have Fun
Visit a foreign Holiday

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First day landed on a Monday, so a chest workout. As for the goals: pull a plane more times than in the past and become stronger than yesterday.

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I woke up at 12:01 and well… said “HAPPY NEW YEAR”… then I went back to sleep…


First day was probably like many others, a long sleep in after being up while 4:30am :smile:

As for my to do list for the year;

  • get back into a regular workout schedule of 3-4 days a week, rather than my 1-2 days in the latter parts of last year…luckily still managed to keep up with the 30 push ups and crunches when straight of bed :grin:
  • perhaps learn drums
  • keep my sanity at work :laughing:

That’s my average per 2 months…nothing like a good thriller or crime novel to eat up in spare time :smile:

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Got up at 5 and ate breakfast.
The rest of the day I spend laying on the couch surfing and watching Netflix

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