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Hey Anker fans!

Do you wish you had a billion dollars? I sure do, and I wouldn’t say no to a job with an enormous salary (but they’d have to pay me a lot to get me to leave all of you!).

But the fact is that, although money is the reason we go to work, there are many other factors to consider. Do you feel fulfilled at your job? Do you get along with your co-workers? What’s the culture like? Since you spend so much of your time at work, these are all important considerations.

What’s your dream job? Let’s discuss below!


As I am retired, I found my dream job here.
Writing useless and weird comments!..hehehehe!


I think any job could be more bearable if it included a desktop puppy!


My dream job would be to be the number 1 tech geek/reviewer in the world. Money is great, but most importantly I get to play and see all the knewest latest and greatest of technology


Except vacuums!!! :joy: :joy:

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As a writer and big Disney fan, I’d love to work in Disney or Pixar’s Story Department. Developing stories for their animation would be THE dream job for me. They could pay me with Mickey waffles and churros, and I’d be happy.


This is hard one, for me I think being a full time photographer with the best and most expensive gear available and get paid by clients to travel the world and document my travels would my dream job.

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This would make my life complete. I absolutely love animals of all shapes and sizes. They wouldn’t even have to pay me the $100 an hour to do this. :blush:

My dream job would be retired lol. But if that’s not a choice I kinda want to be involved in tech reviews like youtubers do. I love watching them and I wish I could do it.

I love sports, always have been a big part of my life. Would love to be an agent or sports broadcaster.

Travel, watch sports… Nice!

If you are retired like me, you have more to do than ever! :joy:
caretaker, cook, computer assistant of your wife, , gardener, “tinkerer” of many repairs which are needed…
And last not least : comment writer for ANKER community!

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  1. Barista
  2. Photographer
  3. Chef

They’re all my favorite hobbies and what they all have in common is that they have a therapeutic aspect to it. The brief moments of waiting for a pour over to finish. Silent environment and all you hear is that shutter go off. Meticulously plating individual plates for loved ones.

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