Your Anker customer service experiences

Anker offered me a 25% discount on a Powercore+ mini(first Anker product). I lost mine in less than a week of receiving it from Amazon while rushing to work. Backpack compartment was open while sprinting to catch a bus… Never took advantage of the offer but months later I purchased 2 more.

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I had to reach out to Anker’s customer service and few times in the past. They were always friendly, knowledgeable, and extremely professional. Excellent customer support…

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Hence why I’ll be sticking around for awhile

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Me too… :wink: Excellent customer service means alot in my book.

Must’ve been taking notes from Amazon

I experienced very good service when I last contacted Anker. Helpful and they resolved my problem quickly.

I have a couple products and have not needed to return anything. To any user who have, how was your experience?

Anker warranty is top notch. You won’t have any issues with getting a refund or replacement.

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I recently had a fantastic experience with the Anker customer service team. I had a bluetooth keyboard for iPad which developed a fault. I emailed them with the problem and in less than a week I had a replacement item in my hands. No fuss. No quibble. Share your Anker customer service experiences (good or bad) here.

I’ve had two issues in the past with car dash mounts (neither would fit), both were dealt and followed up with a level of customer service I’ve seldom seen outside of Amazon or John Lewis


Had a Micro USB cable die on me. They had a replacement to my house in two days, and didn’t even ask me to send back the old one (I just cut it up for my own enjoyment :joy: then threw it away)

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I have only needed to liaise with Anker CS once, which is a complement to Anker quality, and in that 1 interaction I was satisfied.

Others I won’t name were not so good.

When I have contacted Anker when I had question about a giveaway, they responded very quickly and I was extremely satisfied.

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Not really customer services, but it just took them two weeks to respond to a question I sent them on Twitter. Not great.

I always call Anker customer service, as I want my issue resolved immediately. I called them on this Wednesday afternoon on my new PowerCore + 10050. It was having an issue automatically discharging for no reason after it was fully charged. Customer Service was extremely understanding and apologized for the item being defective. They sent me out a replacement the same day as my call with a tracking number. I should be getting my replacement tomorrow. That is spot on Customer Service!!! They never give me a hard time over the defective item unlike other companies. I am a very happy Anker customer…

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What are some of your customer experiences? All the Anker products I’ve bought have been amazing and has kept me satisfied!

Hey recently anker, I’ve sent you a email a week ago and you still have not replied, wehere are you guys man. Just asking for a replacement?


Give then time, not only was it our holiday but they also had a bunch of giveaways so they may have a backlog of emails to go thru. They also work limited staff on the weekends so give them some time

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Be patient they are very good and usually quick they are very helpful and I’m sure they will solve your problem when they get the chance

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Anker has replaced my soundcore Boost and Powerline Micro 6ft cable. They have been responsive, polite, and generous. They did ask me to go through a few steps with the Boost, but it was legitimately defective and they sent me another. The replacement was obviously refurbished, but it works. They didn’t ask questions about the micro cable, they just wanted the serial #. I think they already knew that run had some manufacturing defects

Compared to other electronics manufacturers, Anker is way above and beyond. I legitimately buy from them because I know they will replace anything that doesn’t work as it is intended and advertised. I have no questions about that at all.

One thing to keep in mind: the replacement process take about two weeks. You just have to wait for them to process whatever paperwork they need.

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