Yoga book x90F not fast charging, i think

So i recently bought a Yoga book x90F , used, it came without it’s original charger and cable, so it never really faster charged.

Bought the anker powerport speed 5, the one with 2 blue and 3 regular ports. I don’t see a change in charging speed between the regular and blue ports, and i don’t see any indicator saying " Fast charging " or something like that.

I’m using the anker power port speed 5, and powerline+ cables,

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I believe Yoga Book x90F requires Quick Charge 2.0 or 3.0 and PowerPort 5 does not support Qualcomm Quick Charge, this is mentioned on the product.

Try using a different charger may be PowerPort Atom III or better to refer to this Charger Guide

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I have the powerport speed 5, not powerport 5, which does support QC

Missed the ‘speed’ part and yes, it is QC 3.0 and supports backward compatibility.

I believe only one port supports QC - have you ConnectIng the top blue colored port?

Have you tried changing the cable between the charger and YB?

Also try contacting with this

I’m not familiar with the Yogo product, but doing a little Googling the replacement chargers are USB-A with a micro-USB cable. Is that the case with the original charger?

If you still have the original charger look on the brick for its power output specs. Should read something like 5V/2.5A, 9V/2A, 12V/1.5A. That’s the specs from a third party replacement charger on Amazon.

If the original charger specs read the same, and is USB-A on the brick, and the cable is micro-USB (Google image search if you aren’t sure what’s what) then the charger likely supports Quick Charge. The Anker PowerPort 5 you linked does NOT support Quick Charge. So that is likely the issue.

The Anker PowerPort Speed 5 supports Quick Charge on its top two USB-A ports. They are colored blue. The other ports do not support Quick Charge.

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I’m using the top two usb-a ports, colored blue on the powerport speed 5, will email anker today.

You should hear back soon from Anker Support.

Also check with Yoga Book support if there is anything that needs to be checked for it