Yo where are the 10 feet USB C cables? Lightning and USB C to USB C

I’ve been checking for months looking to see if I could replace my 10 ft USB 3.0 Lightning with a USB-C Lightning cable but all I ever find is 6 feet and I don’t want to try another brand I’m an Anker Customer.

Honestly I’m trying to change everything in my house to USB-C and for that I’m going to need a lot of USB C lightning cables between 6 to 10 feet. Between iPad Pros and iPhone 11s I’m in need of this stuff! At least for now I’ll settle for 6 feet Powerline III but the moment you get some 10 ft cables i’ll be so happy.



You see that’s quite an unusual house, to rip out the 110-240V electrical wiring, remove all power outlets and use just really long USB cable.

That is counter to all the electrical rules the scientists worked out well over a century ago, like Ohm, Faraday, Coulomb, Clarke Maxwell, and others.

You see what all the scientists worked out that the resistance went up with distance and down with thickness and that energy lost was linear on Current.

So they all got together and figured you should use high voltage over longer distances through thinner wires as that saved a fortune in copper, then step the voltage down as close to the consumption of energy possible.

The house was designed with lots of high voltage power sockets to which you step down the voltage very near your device and use the shortest possible cable at low voltages. Then in 2020 that means you have your charger as close as possible, your USB as short as possible.

If you’re ripping out the house wiring, or found new laws of physics, hope you have either the building permits or a nice suit for the Nobel prize event.

If neither I hope you realise a 10ft USB cable will waste a lot more energy, so slower charging than a shorter cable.

Anker makes Powerstrip if in USA. Scientists and Nobel Laureate like Powerstrips.

I believe by “everything” they were referring to all of their consumer electronics. (I naturally assume you know this though?)

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this thread has me vb_lol

USB-C microwave? USB-C kettle?

It’s odd people want 10ft USB cables.

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I’m not looking to replace my appliances to USB C just replace the wall adapters to USB C where I like to plug in my mobile devices I’m currently using 6 apple 12w USB A adapters with 6 and 10 feet powerline cables but I recently purchased an iPad Pro and my family switched to newer iPhones that can use up to 18w with USB C lighting cables. So far I’ve got a 30w Anker Power Port II with Power Deliver Dual has a USB C connection with Power Deliver and one USB A connection. Yesterday I ordered a 18w power deliver adapter. I also bought a 6 ft powerline cable for my iPad Pro as well as a 3 foot USB C 3.1 cable for when I’m at my desk and need to plug it into my PC. I just want a longer cable for when I’m not at my desk and sitting somewhere else

Where my bed is and where my couch is when I want to charge my iPad/iPhone while using it 3 feet is too short 6 is “okay” but 10 feet is more than enough to use comfortably I don’t have to worry about accidentally yanking the cable from the socket.

Some tongue-in-cheek jesting mixed with some tutoring.

Yes know that some situations prefer longer cables, but you mention 12W, 18W, 30W. Are you aware with 10ft cables you’re probably not getting those figures to your device? You may not be getting even half of it.

For any given Wattage, 10ft has to be roughly double the thickness of 6ft , if it’s not then you get the power loss.

I have a few cheaper 6ft cables, I put a USB meter on them and get a lot less power out of them.

If you’re aware then good!

Back in stock now, @hglatinboy!

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They are back in stock. Buy them!


Thank you! I’m still hoping for USB C to Lightining :frowning:


10 ft damn. I find that to be too long.

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Everyone has a reason for the lengths needed. He probably has an application, so why knock him for it?

If you can’t find 10 foot Anker Lighting cables, search for another brand. That’s what I do when the need is there. Otherwise, Anker only makes Lighting to USB-C in 6 foot length.

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Most people are replacing their regular outlets with newer outlets that have built in USB ports in the middle, eliminating the need for the power bricks. Smart move so longer cables are necessary.

So long as people know it will be slower charging speeds.

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Some if the outlets out now are very powerful and adequate for phone or tablet.

Most people? Where’s your evidence?

@professor means longer cables result in slower charging speeds

I didn’t know I was walking into a courtroom where I need to provide evidence. Just walk into any home improvement store and see how many people are buying outlets with USB built-in and how many variations are for sale, clearly there is demand.

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I actually go to home Depot and Lowe’s 2-3 times a week and have never seen a single person buying one or even looking at them.
Obviously people use them and I’m sure there is a demand for them, but I don’t think it’s a huge demand.

You’re right, this is not a courtroom, but just because it’s a forum doesn’t mean you should just report misinformation.

To clarify, you have no facts to back up your claim that “Most people are replacing their regular outlets with newer outlets that have built in USB ports in the middle”?

Seems to be quite the bold claim with zero evidence… :thinking:

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Most devices do not need many Watts.

So most devices will be fine with whatever power socket, whatever cable, whatever length, you choose.

Where it matters is when you pair a higher end device, on the end of a long cable, it does not recharge. That’s all.

Just do not post a bad review of a 10ft cable off a wall USB 5V socket when the phone discharges.